Tuesday, May 26, 2009

well, that didn't take long

Our PS3 quit working back in November, and we just replaced it a few days ago.

You know how little kids are when they get a new toy? They love it more than ANY of their other toys and play with it nonstop -- won't put it down, won't play with any other toys, sometimes even sleep with it...

Well, the PS3 isn't in our bed, but it might as well be. I'm hoping this infatuation doesn't last long -- the hubby wasn't playing this much before it quit working, so I'm hoping it's just the "newness" and that it'll wear off. Soon...

**hang mirror in laundry room
**load boxes of crap valuable personal possessions he won't throw away into the car to be taken to storage
**call lawyer in Texas (This one has to do with us qualifying for Medicaid. As in, saving us thousands of dollars in hospital bills.)
**set up surround sound (Should have been done when we moved in.... in September...)
**hide wires around entertainment center
**pay for his real estate classes he took in February and arrange to take state test (You know, so that he can get his license and go make some friggin money so that i can actually afford to go to quit work and go to nursing school.)
**mow BACK yard (because only the FRONT yard got mowed on Saturday.)

...because this is a list of stuff he could should be doing instead.


  1. Stephanie you crack me up. I know just how you feel though. esp. about the list.

    Oh and I HATE any type of gaming stuff. I refer to them as "Marriage Wreckers". lol.

  2. sorry you're in the club now too, friend. my hubs plays ps AND some stupid game on the computer. like, he puts on a headset and TALKS to these people on the laptop. some wizards-ish game ... world of warcraft. or WOW for those of us who are unfortunate enough to know it so well. ughhhh. i bet he spends more time gaming than he does working. but it makes my shopping easier for him to accept. ha!


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