Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Proof is in the Pin (Volume 3)


Linking with Sarah at Life {Sweet} Life again!

I love this monthly link-up! It keeps me blogging (at least once a month… hey, it counts!!) and I think it helps motivate me to try out new Pinterest pins.

I try to do three a month, but this month I only have two. I have supplies bought for several other projects, but I was visited by the stomach bug from Hades last weekend and I wasn’t able to complete a few crafty projects that I had planned on doing.  I’m really hoping to complete those and share them next month!

Moving along.


First pin: Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treats – I made these for Christopher’s daycare class for Halloween. His teacher said that all the kids loved them! A few things I would do differently next time… it takes more orange coloring than you would think.  I used orange gel coloring and the melted marshmallow mixture looked like a good color, but as soon as I mixed it with those light colored Rice Krispies, you could barely tell there was any food coloring. I ended up adding more to the krispies mixture, which turned into a big mess.  If you look closely in the picture above, you can see there are streaks of orange running through the pumpkins.  For the green vine/leaf things, I mixed together powdered sugar and water, and it took a sweet forever to get the mixture right. First it would be too runny, then too thick. And I wasn’t really happy with the green color. Next time I would either leave the vines off, or buy frosting in those little tubes to pipe on.

{image via Miss Kopy Kat}

Next up: Curly Deco Mesh Wreaths!  I love this pin! I love these curly deco mesh wreaths. I made myself a “pumpkin” one.IMG_4203Love it? Want it? I’m selling it here. (More about this later… maybe!!)

I even decided to use the curly deco mesh method with my Christmas tree this weekend. I kind of love it!


That’s all I have this month… I’m hoping for several more Pinterest projects next month!

Posts about the Pumpkin Patch and Halloween coming soon. (Hopefully! My final marketing paper is due tomorrow and I should have a few days of freedom to work on random catch-up projects. First on the list is the disaster zone that is my HOUSE! It’s bad, y’all. Real bad!)

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch 2012

I had heard about a really fun Pumpkin Patch about an hour from where we live. The last weekend in October, we headed to it for some family fun!

We got there a little late; next year we need to go earlier. It was so much fun though! Definitely something that will be a yearly event. My mom and dad went with us. I’ve already posted pictures of my mom on the big slide with Christopher.





We got to go on a hayride around this big farm.
Christopher was not in a family-picture-taking mood.


The hayride took us by the big slide.  We all went on the slide, except for Stephen. He was the designated picture taker. These shots are not the most flattering of myself… but I love Christopher’s expression in them!



PawPaw & Christopher


Next, the hayride took us to a corn maze! This measurement thing was next to the maze.


After the corn maze, we were able to go pick our own pumpkins.





There was also a small petting farm and some goats to feed, donkeys to ride, etc. So much fun… we’re looking forward to doing it again next year!