Thursday, May 21, 2009

rambling =)

i have had SUCH a busy week. or at least it seems that way to me! i have worked 8am-5pm all week long, and Stephen has worked 8pm-7/8am all week long. we have just been seeing each other as he was walking in the door and i was on my way to work, and for a few hours between 530 and 730 --if he wasn't napping. i'm not a morning person and i had trouble sleeping without stephen (just going to bed, i would put it off because i'm a scaredy cat) so i've been EXHAUSTED all day long at work. my feet/legs/hands have been SO swollen, when i get off work i look like a balloon and i barely have enough energy to stand. i'm scared to see what August weather will do to me if May is kicking my butt this much!

i got off at 2 today because i had some overtime (long story, but it involves me working 9.5 hours yesterday) and tomorrow i work 12-9 (hallelujah for sleeping past 6:50!) and then i am ON VACATION! i'll have 5 days off and be paid for 4 of them. this is the first time in my working career that i get paid to not go to work so i'll be a happy camper next week!

i had a doctor's appointment this week and he thought my fundal height measurement is weirdly large, so i am having an ultrasound next tuesday to see what's going on with Mr. Christopher. i'm excited to get see him again - my last two ultrasounds have been kind of disappointing, we haven't really been able to see anything fun, like a face, hand, foot, etc. we are praying that everything is fine and that i'm just having a big, healthy baby boy!

i'm off to do more laundry and housework!

OH! and YAAAAAAY for Kris Allen winning AI last night -- so awesome!


  1. Hey- take it easy on yourself, girly! I got really swollen with Keira and had her too early. Mostly because I am a control-freak who wouldn't stop! =)
    Rest, rest, rest!

    Yay for paid va-cay and Kris Allen!

  2. rest rest rest, mama! i'm thinking it's time for hubby to learn the art of laundry ... and cooking. ha!


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