Saturday, March 20, 2010

catching up!

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet.

I would totally write C-mans SEVEN MONTH post right now, but I don’t have the pictures off of the memory card yet, and for whatever reason, I seem to hate transferring pictures from the card to the computer.  However, he is seven months old now, and I DID take pictures, so I guess I should be a get my act together and update! I have been such a slacker recently.  Sorry!  And thanks if you’re still with me after TWENTY WHOLE FREAKING DAYS without an update.  I PROMISE I will start doing better with my blogging.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

picture overload.

i think i’ve figured out why i’ve become such a bad blogger.

i only download the pictures off my camera about once every week or two.

but i feel weird if i blog without posting at least some random picture of the Little Man.  SO, i just stalk read all you other people’s blogs and pretend like it hasn’t been a whole freaking week since i blogged myself.

then when i finally do pick up my camera and take the pictures off of it - i’m left with a couple hundred (ok, fifty-ish) pictures to choose from, and obviously i can’t bore you with ALL of them.

…or can i?

anyway, not much has been going on here! still trying to get into the swing of being a working mom. (sad face.)  although (happy face) for whatever reason, stupid walmart didn’t schedule me this week - so i have 9 straight days off. at first i was a little ticked about it - but then i decided not to worry about it, because we’re getting our taxes back this week (i can hear angels singing choruses of “hallelujah!” in the background!) and it will be awhile before i get this many days off again, so why not just smile about it and spend the days home with my sweet pea. =)

today is a good day because the olympics are FINALLY over and i can get back to my regularly scheduled programming! biggest loser comes back tonight, plus american idol (which was, like, the only show i watch that wasn’t interrupted by the olympics.) is on. now i just have to wait on the hubby to get home (how is it that he always closes on tuesdays?!?) so that we can watch them together!

i’m having a total brain fart and really can’t think of anything else to talk about (except law abiding citizen. have you seen it?  we watched it last weekend.  i am loving me some gerard butler right now. it was pretty good. a little disgusting a times, but still received a solid "A-" - at least in my opinion. it did make me want to hug and squeeze christopher till his eyes {almost} popped out. and never let him out of my sights ever ever ever again.) sooooo - on to the (random) pictures off the memory card.

this is what it looks like when your husband knocks the scentsy warmer off its base and hot candle wax flies all over your living room carpet.
02 20_0032

and this is what it looks like after 30 minutes of soaking up the candle wax (with newspapers and an iron - i had no idea how i was gonna get it up, but i googled it and this seemed to be the most popular and effective way) and half a bottle of Spot Shot later.
02 20_0033

sweet boy fell asleep in his jumparoo. =)
02 20_0034

he loves to “fly!”
02 27_0016 02 27_0021

and make funny faces.
02 27_0024

02 27_0026 

and yes -- he is definitely “bringing chubby back.”
03 01_0004 
i his baby blues. =)
03 01_0005
03 01_0006