Sunday, May 10, 2009

can't quit blogging...

3 posts in one day. What what! Crazy, I know. Especially since *sniff sniff* nobody loves me and I NEVER get comments anymore...

Just wanted to list some things I am happy about today...

**I GET TO QUIT MY JOB AT WALMART!!!!!! (not for several months - more on this tomorrow.)
**Tax Return Money
**My husband and his sweet Mother's Day card for me (and his gift - cupcakes! this has been a pregnancy craving of mine that I have REALLY tried to not give into!)
**My days off. (Sunday and Monday)
**Organization (although my mother wouldn't necessarily agree with this)
**Blogging/the blogging world. I love reading about other peoples lives!
**Baxter is HOME!
**My mom and dad for helping me hang hanging my new mirror on the wall today.
**My whole sweetie pie family - my husband, parents, brother, future sister-in-law, and my four puppy babies. And, of course, the baby doing jumping jacks in my belly right now!
**And lastly... getting to crawl into my bed in just a few minutes! I stayed at my parents last night because Stephen had bombed the house for yucky bugs and spiders and we decided I shouldn't sleep in the house directly afterwards. (He bombed it about 4 yesterday evening.) I didn't sleep very well even though I was sleeping in my old bed... you know, from less than a year ago. Weirdness, but whatever. Goodnight!

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  1. Woo hoo on quitting walmart! It will be a happy day, right!?!?


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