Wednesday, October 28, 2009

quick update

Y'all, I'm still here.  I started a post last night talking about how crazy my life is right now - but what do you know, C woke up when I was typing (I thought he was down for the night) and I never got to finish it.  So -- I am just checking in.  We are all well!  Christopher had his two month appointment today.. and he weighed in at 14 pounds, 6 ounces.  He is also 24 inches long, (tall? whatever.)  which puts him in the 95th percentile for his height and weight.  Healthy boy!  (Who hopefully got his grandfathers height genes and not his parents.  Ha!)  Love him, love him, love him more than I can put into words!

My bed is calling my name. SO SO SO glad that I don't have to be anywhere till noon tomorrow and will be able to go back to sleep for awhile after C nurses in the morning!

No pictures tonight... sorry!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christopher is Two Months Old!

Christopher Tyler,
You are two months old now!  I cannot believe how quickly you are growing.  I love experiencing each day with you and watching you grow, learn, and discover.  I love hearing you laugh!  It makes me so happy to hear you talk and laugh with me -- you just MELT my HEART! 

But at the same time -- there are days when I just want to stop time and hold you in my arms forever and not let you grow at ALL.  I am trying to celebrate your growth - like moving to your crib, laughing, "talking" more, becoming SO interactive with me, and getting your own ADORABLE personality - but the emotional side of me just wants to cry because time is passing so quickly.

The past two weeks have been the hardest for me so far, because I've been back at work. I have missed you SO much and cannot stand being away from you for 8 whole hours! I feel like I miss out on SO much when I have to leave you But, I know you have loved spending time with your Daddy, Nana, and Granny while they've kept you, fed you, and entertained you. Momma is just jealous that other people are spending time with you while she is hating her job at Walmart.
This month....

--You are between 13and 14 pounds!
--You are wearing size 1-2 diapers, but when we run out of the 1-2 box we will be moving you to size 2 diapers! SO BIG!
--You are wearing size 3-6 month sleepers because your feet are too big for the 0-3 month ones!  You are still wearing 0-3 month onesies though.  =)
--You are SO happy after you nurse - you just talk and laugh with us and it is the most beautiful sound!
--You sleep through the night almost every night - usually from 11ish till 7ish. Some nights you may wake up around 4 or 5 and nurse, but you go back to sleep pretty quickly and sleep for a few more hours.
--After you nurse in the mornings, you fall back asleep in our bed and we snuggle for an hour or two more. I love that time! (Except for days when I have to start getting ready for work. Boooo.)
--You are nursing REALLY well, and I love the bond we share because of it. I am hoping to keep nursing you for several more months - even though it's a pain to pump at work - it's worth it because I know it is best for both you and me!
--You are still taking one good nap in the afternoons - usually 2-4 hours, and one shorter one in the morning.
--You are such a happy, wonderful baby! I love you more than you will ever know and LOVE being your mom!

Happy Two Months, Little Man!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I love saturdays!

Okay -- first of all, I just must say this...
This is my blog.  On here, I record my life -- my days, thoughts, pictures, etc etc etc...
I like knowing that in 10 or 20 years, I can come back and read about my pregnancy, a day with  Christopher, my wedding day, on and on and on.
I'm pretty much just recording my thoughts.  It's a scrapbook of thoughts, okay?  I don't really care who reads it, how many followers I have, if you know me, or if you like me.

So, since it's my blog, and my thoughts, I'm not gonna hold anything back, and I'm not gonna edit myself.  If you don't like me, my blog, my thoughts, or my conversations with my computer keyboard, feel free not to read it. 
However... do me a favor, and don't put words into my mouth.  Don't take something I write about and turn it into something completely different.  K?  Thankyouverymuch.

I have had a LAZY Saturday.  Being back at work this week WORE ME OUT, which is sad because I just worked FOUR 4-hour days.  Ehh.  tomorrow is Christopher's 2 month birthday!  I'll have pics and updates on him tomorrow. 

Stephen and I have been going back to the gym and I am LOVING it! (That is pretty much the only non-lazy thing we did today.) I love the adrenaline rush and the endorphins and knowing that I am gonna get back in shape.  I have a weight loss goal of 52 pounds and I am going to try to lose it in 6 months.  I'm more concerned about losing the weight than the time frame, though, as long as I am working towards it. =)

More tomorrow -- I am SO exhausted tonight, and C is asleep, so I'm off to bed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

working 9 to 5... no, no, 8 to 12!!!

Yesterday was  my first day back at work, and I made it through the day without having a complete breakdown.  Fortunately, it was just a 4 hour morning shift, so I was able to nurse him and get him back to sleep before I left, then he slept for over 2 hours of the 4 that I was gone - yay!  His daddy had a good time with him.  Luckily, Christopher did not throw any huge fits (which are common when his dad is holding him - ha) and they made it through 4 hours just fine.

Work is work, I pretty much hated being there and am definitely glad to be going part-time.  I work 4 hour shifts today, tomorrow, and Friday, then I'm off for the weekend.  Today and tomorrow my mother-in-law will be keeping Christopher, so I'm praying that goes over well.  I don't think she's ever seen him cry -- let alone throw a screaming fit like he can do.  (I think he has gas pains, and he will just SCREAM for no reason all of a sudden -- then he really gets upset, and I am always the one to console him.)  Hopefully he will be taking his afternoon nap during most of my shift today and tomorrow.

I can't believe October is almost halfway over!  I am looking forward to Christopher's first holidays -- Christmas especially. 

I think that's pretty much it for now.  My kitchen is finished being painted, so I'll post pics after we get the pictures and everything back up on the wall.  We also painted our master bedroom, and I LOVE the new color in there.  I lost my camera for a few days, (but I found it now) so this is the latest picture I have of C -- we took it after we went out to dinner with our friends Jeff and Mel last Friday.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

my cold weather guilty pleasure


(also optional)
(makes it a little less guilty)

(pinky out not necessary)


Thursday, October 8, 2009

why I've been MIA...

So -- for the last week I've been...

painting my kitchen...
(or at least, supervising while my mom painted the kitchen)

from nasty flat light brown (it was SO hard to keep clean!) this beautiful glossy RED!

celebrating my 24th birthday...
(new pictures from my parents -
I picked these out at Kirkland's!
Love that store! ♥)

magnolia plate from my brother & britney

plaque from A to Z -
$4.00 - yeah!
(my momma bought it for me!)

organizing my laundry room...
(it was SUCH a mess before -
i didn't even take pictures of it!)

getting ready to re-decorate the kitchen...
i bought this adorable picture frame from bed, bath, and beyond
when i was pregnant.
love it!

and hanging out with this precious little man.
we have been having lots of Momma/Christopher bonding time...
because I go back to work on Monday.

Funny story  about my gift from Stephen & his mom...
He wouldn't let me open my gift early (sad face) or even before he went to work on Sunday.  SO, I waited all day long staring at this shoebox-sized gift sitting on our dining room table.  I shook it and something rolled around inside it - it wasn't perfectly round, I could tell by the way it rolled.  I had NO IDEA what it could possibly be!

SO, after everybody came over that evening and ate hot dogs and hamburgers, I FINALLY got to open my gifts.  They saved Stevo's gift for last.  I opened the gift and found this...

a rubber band wrapped around a rock.
And this...

A ladybug on a leaf?
No... a beetle.


It took me a few minutes to get it -- I think I said something like,
"Did you get me Beatles Rock Band?!?"

I was so excited!

SO -- pretty much the only time I can play is at night after C falls asleep.
Which is when I normally write blogs.

Oh, well.

It was a nice little bloggy break, but I'm back now!

One last thing.
I remembered one day last week that we had some video footage of Christopher being introduced to our family for the first time.  (I had an "emergency" C-section, so nobody - not even Stephen - was allowed in the surgery room, but they all got to wait together for the nurse to bring Christopher out.)  I had watched it the night that he was born -- but I was so drugged and out of it that I had completely forgotten.  I loved seeing everybody's reaction so I'd thought I'd share it.