Saturday, January 24, 2009

11 weeks

i know i'm being a boring blogger, but i've been so busy and tired recently, i barely have enough energy to go to work.

everything is still going great! stephen and i are buying a dining room table (used, and we got a really good deal on it) and i am so ready to go pick it up and get it moved in so that we can finally have the living/dining rooms looking complete. i think today (if i start feeling better, i'm a bit queasy right now) we will start separating our junk piles in our spare bedroom. i found some fabric at walmart that i absolute LOVE and it will be the starting point for our Pooh-themed nursery.

today i am 11 weeks, 1 day. my next appointment is in a week and a half, and the doctor told us last time we were there that by the time our appointment rolled around, my chances for miscarrying are slim. so PRAISE for having a healthy pregnancy so far!

another praise -- my dad's surgery went GREAT, he is already up and at 'em -- my parents are actually in houston this weekend at a party my dad's company is having. his biopsy results came back and the cancer was contained to the prostate, so he won't have to be doing any chemo or radiation. he is cancer-free!

here is this weeks picture!

Your baby is now about as big as a fig. (Length: just over 1 1/2 inches, head to bottom.)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

what's a kumquat?

10 weeks!!

Your baby, now barely the size of a kumquat, weighs less than a quarter of an ounce. (Length: a little over 1 inch, head to bottom.)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

prayer request

just a quick post before i go to bed -- it's gonna be early to rise for me tomorrow morning (6:30, and this girl rarely opens her eyes before 9 am most days.)

tomorrow morning (actually, it's already thursday, so that would be later today...) at 11:30 am, my daddy is having surgery to remove cancer from his prostate. they are hoping to be able to get everything tomorrow morning and not have to follow up with chemo or radiation. please keep him in your thoughts and prayers and hope that everything goes okay tomorrow and they are able to successfully remove the cancer.

everything in the olmstead household is well. we will be acquiring our new-to-us car later this week. i hope to start cleaning out our junk room spare bedroom sometime in the next few weeks so that we can get the crib moved in and start decorating for Baby O.

just a few names stephen and i have been considering...
for girls, we like Madelyn Marie and Kaleigh Paige (marie after my grandmother)
for boys, we like Christopher Elijah, Isaac Andrew, and Grayson Tyler (christopher is after a friend of mine who died, andrew is stephen's middle name, and tyler after my brother.)

and now, i am going to bed. thanks for the prayers =)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

wine, anyone?

time seems to just be crawling by. i am now 9 weeks, 1 day pregnant. i guess it's going so slowly because i found out i was pregnant so early. i thought i was farther along than i actually was -- about a week and a half, actually. so when i thought i was 9 weeks, i was actually 7 and half. so i am FINALLY 9 weeks along. =) yay.

Your baby has grown to the size of a grape, weighs a fraction of an ounce, and is almost 1 inch long.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

unhappy citizen

dear president-elect obama,

i do not appreciate having 'the price is right" interrupted because you felt the need to talk about our "economic crisis" this morning. please refrain from using the time between 10 and 11 am central to discuss matters you deem more important than me watching my game shows.

thank you.

Monday, January 5, 2009

soooo tired.

i have been so busy lately, i haven't had much time to blog. lots to talk about, but i am just not feeling creative, talkative, etc etc... so it's been hard to sit down and talk about what's been going on. i've been really tired, working full time, and alternating workin out at curves and walking. it wear a pregnant lady out.

one big thing is that we had an ultrasound done last tuesday, and everything looks good :) we have ONE baby with a healthy heartbeat! big sigh of relief there. =) according to my calcuations, i should have been about 9 weeks at the time of my ultrasound, but i only measured 7 weeks 4 days, so right now i am somewhere between 8.5 and 10 weeks. exciting!

i have been sick in the mornings, but not real bad, just nauseous until i get cereal in my system. i am a little sensitive to greasy foods so i have been trying to stay away from fried things. =( so sad.

another big thing is that we are trading in my 03 mustang convertible for an 01 chevy impala, and we will no long have a car payment! the impala is really nice, 4 door, leather, sunroof, really nice and taken care of (it was my mom's.) PLUS, it gets great mileage, like low 30s in town, mid 30s highway. so we are really blessed to have such AMAZING parents who are taking such good care of us during our newlywed years. =) we are having a crib and high chair given to us by friends, so that is a huge help too. i am really excited to start working on the nursery room, but first we are going to have to clean it out first. (since moving in it has become our junk room.) i am excited about getting together with my mom and deciding on paint colors, borders, all that fun stuff.

we will be getting a new camera soon, so hopefully i will be able to take pictures of the house (i am finally getting it all pulled together, although i have been procrastinating taking down my Christmas trees. i'll be so sad.) and will be able to show some pics of my house. i almost have my picture paid off at kathy's, so i will have that up on the wall SOON!

until next time!