Monday, March 12, 2012

Photographic Update

Shut the front door! I blogged twice in one day!
Scroll down or click here to read my post, “Adventures in Potty Training!

Last Wednesday, I logged on to Carnival’s website and saw this:
photo 1 (1)

Which led me to do this on Wednesday afternoon…
photo 2 (1)

My hyacinth is blooming. I absolutely love hyacinth. It smells heavenly! I just wish it bloomed all spring and summer long! I’ll be sad once it goes away.

photo 2 (2)

These pretty babies are (were – this picture is a week old) blooming right outside of the doors that I walk through to go into school every day. They always make me smile and are a good start to my work day. =)

photo 5 (1)

On Thursday, I returned to Henderson so that I could waste an entire day for no reason for a “Hot Topics” day. While waiting in the library for Stephen to finish up an assignment so that we could get the heck outta Arkadelphia go home, I hopped on a computer to read some blogs. Obviously, the fine staff at Huie Library is not using my $60 Library Fee (PER SEMESTER – plus $15 each summer session I’ve taken) to buy frigging canned air. There’s no telling what nasty things are growing in their keyboards. Think I should send this picture to them? Gross.

photo 1

I took this picture of Christopher a week or two ago. I used the Red Stamp app on my iPhone to create a postcard to send to Nana and Pop Pop. The picture of Christopher is perforated so they can pop it out if they ever choose to do so. They loved it!


Last Friday night I wasn’t very hungry. I had bought a box of Lucky Charms for a St. Patrick’s Day themed Bunco party I hosted last Monday, but I had forgotten to use it during the party.  It sounded good for dinner, so that’s what I had. It’s been forever since I had Lucky Charms… I always eat the cereal part and save the marshmallows for last. I’ve done that since I was a kid. I also do that with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream… I eat around the cookie dough and save it for last then stuff as much of it into my mouth as possible. It’s really an attractive quality…

photo 3 (1)

I had bought Almond Milk about a month ago for making smoothies and I’d only used about a cup of it for one smoothie. I decided to try it in my cereal. I couldn’t tell the difference between this and regular milk. I believe it’s something I’ll keep around.

photo 5

My super hero… love this boy!

photo 4 (1)

photo 3 (2)

photo 4

Today (Monday) I’m feeling yucky. I was sick yesterday, too… head cold/sinus type junk. Not to mention girl problems, ifyouknowhatimean.

photo 2

My sweet hubby brought me this during lunch today. Caffeine for my headache. Yes, please!

photo 3

Adventures in Potty Training

Last Wednesday, Christopher came home from his baby sitter with a very bad rash. I’m not sure if it was his jeans rubbing his legs or if he had worn a wet diaper for a long period of time, or what. We love his new “school” and “teacher” and I know that she is very busy with a lot of kids – but it was a bad rash. Like nothing he had ever had before. Anyway, it just made mom and me sick to our stomachs. I had to be out of town on Thursday and mom was already planning on keeping Christopher that day since Stephen and I would be leaving home early – 6am – and not getting back until 7 or later on Thursday evening. So Mom decided to try out potty-training again on Thursday. I think they had accident after accident for most of the day on Thursday, but that afternoon he seemed to finally “get it” and asked to go to the bathroom twice.  Mom decided to keep him again on Friday so that they could focus on it some more.

Thursday evening at our house went great.  He kept his undies dry and told us when he needed to go. He put on special Thomas the Tank Engine underwear to sleep in (overnight) and we told him – keep “choochoochoo-choo” dry! Don’t let him get wet! Friday morning when I woke him up, he was dry and SO PROUD of himself for keeping choo-choo dry. In a matter of about 15 minutes, he had to go potty three times. When the third time came around, he was already dressed to go to my mom’s – wearing jeans and socks and shoes. When I put him up on the toilet, he wasn’t able to “spread out” the way he had been previously and the toilet seat topper didn’t have one of those nifty “cup” things on it that helps the boys out when they’re going. You know what I mean? So add those two things together and when Christopher started going, well, the pee shot up OVER the toilet seat cover and went ALL OVER Christopher’s choo-choo underwear. When he realized what was happening, he started crying, “Nooooo! Choo-choo WET! Choo-choo WET!”   He was crying real tears and so upset about it.  It seriously broke my heart. I was right there with him, about to cry. I kept telling him that it wasn’t his fault, that the toilet seat had gotten choo-choo wet. Oh my goodness… he’s got his momma’s sensitivity. Needless to say, we made sure to get a proper toilet seat for boys after that incident.

Friday morning he had a few accidents at Mom’s house, but I think the afternoon went okay. (I think.)  Friday afternoon at our house went well – as did the whole weekend! He doesn’t always stay dry overnight – maybe 1 out of every 4 nights he will wet himself. But all weekend long he kept himself dry and always told us when he needed to use the bathroom – except for going Number Two… yeah, he still prefers to go off in a corner or behind furniture and do that in private, without our knowledge. I hope as soon as he actually GOES in the toilet and realizes how easy it is -  not to mention cleaner and nicer - he’ll have no problems.

Overall – for me at least – it was a really simple process.  My  mom had to clean up most of the messes though, so she might argue that statement with me. I’m impressed though – it only took 2 days for him to really get it and I know that for some kids it takes much longer. Of course, he’s also two and a half and lots of children potty train earlier than that age so it might take longer because of that reason.  Either way, I’m super proud of him. I can’t believe that Stephen and I are done buying diapers! (At least until Christopher has a little sibling!)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

weekend fun

If you consider cleaning fun, of course.

Last Saturday, Stephen had do leave around 8:30 to go to a tournament several hours away. Christopher was up early that day so I decided to make pancakes for breakfast before Stephen left for the day. I didn’t think to get any pictures of the pancakes… but they were yummy!

After Stephen left, Christopher and I got busy cleaning the house. Well, I got busy cleaning the house. Christopher has always been really good about independent play, and he’s getting to the age now where he is content to play in his room instead of dragging everything out into the living room or wherever else. He also likes to help me fold towels or take laundry from the dryer to the living room to fold. I had washed, dryed, and put away (!!!!!) three loads of laundry by noon on Saturday! That’s big for me.

It was a gorgeous day on Saturday, so after Christopher woke up from his nap, we headed outdoors to do some projects/cleaning outside.




Both these pictures (above and below) are of Christopher saying CHEEEEESE.
He cracks me up.
He sometimes doesn’t let me take pictures of him – but when he does, he always says CHEEEESE,
then he says ME SEE! and wants to look at the picture.






Another one – you can’t tell he’s saying CHEESE as much in this picture, but he has his hands underneath his chin, which (I mentioned in my last post) he also does frequently when I take his picture.


We got so much accomplished that day and we had lots of fun in the process. That afternoon, my family came over to help with a few projects (replacing our old thermostat with a new digital one, hanging new blinds in C’s room, and replacing some door knobs) and we ordered pizza for dinner. Stephen got home late – midnight – and I had just gone to bed when he got home. He got up with Christopher the next morning and I slept until 10:38 on Sunday morning! I was exhausted from such a long day of cleaning a projects the day before, I guess.. ha!