Monday, May 4, 2009

my kitchen

Ok, Kelly is doing a "Show Us Your Home Friday" over at her blog, and while I'm a few days late, my kitchen has been a mess and today is the first day I've had off to take pictures of it, let alone clean it up! I have a galley style kitchen, it's really long and really narrow. The eating area is also small, so we just have a little round table on that side of it and we have a bigger dining room table in our "dining room." (Another story in itself.) We're planning on making some changes to the kitchen sometime after the baby is born, so it'll be fun to compare the pictures from now after we've painted it!

My cabinets -- wine/magarita glasses that only used for 2 months of our marriage before getting pregnant!

Everyday glasses -- love these.

These are my dishes, which I love! They are red and black -- the colors I decided to decorate my kitchen in when we registered for wedding gifts. So far, the only red and black in my kitchen are these dishes a a few hand towels!

My gorgeous stainless steel refrigerator -- a wedding gift from Stephen's mom.

The view of my kitchen when you're walking in from the living room.
I don't really use this space much, hence the yucky decorations.
I'm not really happy with this section of the kitchen, I need to make it more useful.
I'm thinking it would make a really neat bar area, but with a baby on the way, we just wouldn't use it that much. Any ideas?

Wedding gift from my brother and sister-in law.

I love cookbooks. =) My mom gets me a new one each year for Christmas

Spice rack, another wedding gift from my mother-in-law.

Our kitchen table.
Yes, I'm aware that my candle holders have no candlesticks. I need some red ones.

A cute plaque my mom got me for Christmas one year.

Those are my Rachael Ray knives -- wedding gift from Stephen's brother and sister-in-law.

My stove. I hate it and want a new one, but that's not gonna happen for a LONG time.
I just love my spoon rest and the glass jar or whatever that thing is. It holds vegetable oil.

Left side of my galley kitchen.

I need a stainless steel breadbox!

This is the side of the kitchen that is opposite the sink... this was taken from next to the stove.

Same side as above, just taken from entrance from the living room.

We're getting a vent-a-hood microwave -- our current microwave is HUGE and takes up a lot of counterspace (see the picture above this one) and this current vent-a-hood is old and nasty. I'me excited about this!

So... that is my kitchen! Even though it is galley style and not laid out that well, I really do like my kitchen. We I am planning on painting the cabinets black and the walls red, but it will be a time-consuming project and I am wanting to paint my living room first, so the kitchen will probably not be updated for at least 6 or 8 months, but I think it will be so cute once it is painted! I would LOVE to replace the countertops and stove, but that will only happen if we somehow come across several thousand dollars. Ha!


  1. Very adorable kitchen!!
    I love all your inspiration signs. Thanks for sharing your kitchen!

    Have a blessed day.

  2. So cute! It wouldn't be a real kitchen without that Better Homes & Gardens cookbook! I think every woman in America has it! :)


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