Sunday, May 17, 2009

boring blog - you've been warned!

Being poor really changes your attitude when it comes to shopping. In high school, I could have gone to Texarkana and spent a few hundred dollars without really blinking my eye. Not now! Of course, back then I didn't have any payments - the only thing I really needed money for was gas.

Stephen and I got our tax refund back a few weeks ago, and while the majority of it has gone to a savings account for EMERGENCY USE ONLY. (Like when WalMart decided to cut us back to 15 hours a week and we had NO. MONEY. AT. ALL.) We're using a small portion of it to fix up the house a little bit. New vent-a-hood, (see pictures of our current nasty one) new paint in the kitchen - cabinets & walls, possibly new counter tops - this one I'm super excited about - and some new siding in a few places on the exterior of the house. Then a portion of it is going towards credit cards, of course. I wil be glad when those are paid off!

So -- yesterday we head down to Texarkana to do some shopping. I had several things I wanted to buy, plus we were going to price countertops, cabinet handles, etc etc. We went to:

Home Depot
Best Buy (Gift Card)
Bed, Bath, and Beyond (Gift Card)
Hobby Lobby
Victoria's Secret (I needed more underoos.)
TJ Maxx

ALL those places... and we still spent less than $65.00

It's just different shopping now, knowing that the money could be put somewhere more useful, other than home decor. =( It makes me sad.

BUT I had a great day anyway. We picked up my brother & his fiance when we got there and they spent the day being chauffeured all around Texarkana. They are probably our favorite couple to hang out with and we don't get to spend nearly enough time with them, so we really enjoyed hanging out! We went to Olive Garden for dinner and then back to Ty's apartment to watch Taken (the movie Stephen bought with his gift card at Best Buy.) It was really good.

We made it home about 2 am and crashed, and I just got up around 10. I have so much to be doing - pick up house, laundry, and deep clean my laundry room. I also want to start working on taking my cabinet doors off and start sanding them so that I don't have so much to do next week!

Sorry for this long, boring, pointless post. Maybe next time I post it'll be something fun!

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  1. wow! i'm super jealous of all the stuff you guys are doing to the house! i do laundry. and that's about it. ha! you were in my neck of the woods today!!!!


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