Sunday, October 5, 2008

i'm old!

so, yesterday was my twenty-third birthday. it was a pretty good day; it was rainy and dreary here, so we really didnt do much other than run to walmart and freds to return a few items. the night before my wonderful friends from work threw me a surprise party (many thanks to tabatha for her part on pulling that one together!)

stephen and i had planned on going to hot springs to do a little shopping for the cruise, play some put-put at pirates cove, and eat at central park on bath house row, but the weather kept us from doing so. that's ok, we're going to go back in a few weeks and go to garvan gardens when the leaves are changing. B-E-A-utiful!

i'm sitting here in my cold house (we need to get the gas turned on tomorrow) playing poker on myspace. stephen and i are both addicted right now. i am about to take a hot shower and get some food ready for stephen's lunch break. then maybe i'll attempt to straighten the house. i am so ready to be out of the moving in/just got married stage so that my house will be neat and tidy all of the time!

i just let the crazy dogs in, and they're going wild. worse than children, i tell ya!

Friday, October 3, 2008

so this is my life...

my name is stephanie olmstead -- formerly stephanie speer -- and i am a newlywed living in mena, arkansas. i was born and raised here, but my husband is from forth worth, texas. i currently work for walmart, but that is definitely not a long-term job for me. (i hate it, haha.) my wonderful, amazing, loving, perfect husband - stephen - works for walmart as well, and he hates it too. we are both looking forward to finishing college and starting *real* jobs.

we have three children... or rather, dogs. baxter is a silky terrier, kodi is an american eskimo, and zoe is a yorkshire terrier puppy who was my wedding gift. we are definitely dog people. =) we love game nights, movie nights, and casino nights -- those don't happen often though. we love just relaxing at home with each other. we love to travel, and can't wait for our honeymoon -- a cruise in just a few short weeks!

i'm planning on using this blog to record my newlywed years -- our hopes, dreams, wishes, and aspirations. our low spots, difficult times, trials and tribulations. i hope to faithfully write about our new life together, entertaining the blogging world with stories and photographs. wish me luck.