Saturday, May 30, 2009

i'll write more tomorrow. i promise!

i'm alive.

my vacation ended wednesday night. i was gonna cry about it to you, but something came up. i can't remember what now. my brain is fried.

i worked thursday/friday/saturday. i am WORN. OUT. six days off kind of spoiled me.

my poor feet are so swollen and hurting. and something about the way i'm sleeping (i think) is messing up my right, ahem, groin muscle. it hurts to... well, move my leg.

i have tomorrow and monday off. hallelujah!

i know i've been neglecting the blog world recently, but i'll catch back up with my posting and commenting once i recuperate from three whole days of working at walmart.

i'm such a weenie.

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  1. You maybe having round ligament pain. I had that for a while with Kili. All that stretching you gotta do!


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