Sunday, January 30, 2011


I love a clean house.  I hate cleaning, but I loooove a clean house.

There’s just something about freshly vacuumed carpet, dust-free furniture, spotless bathrooms, clean dishes, empty laundry baskets, and fresh sheets that makes me happy.  However, all of these things NEVER happen at the same time in my house.  Never.

Until yesterday.

I spent the better part of the day doing laundry, organizing kitchen cabinets, putting away toys, cleaning out junk drawers, dusting, and scrubbing down the house.  I’m not sure where all the energy came from, but I was thankful to have it because my house has not been this clean or organized since we moved in two and a half years ago!

After I was done with the house, we took Christopher to the park to run around.  It was in the 70s and gorgeous outside. However, apparently every other parent in Mena had decided to do the same thing. The nicer of our two parks was packed with families, so we headed to the smaller park.  There were still quite a few people there, but the playground itself only had 3 or 4 kids running around on it, so we parked there and let Christopher play for a little while.  It’s not quite as toddler-oriented as the main park, though, so there’s not much he can do except go down a slide or two.  We stayed for probably 15 minutes then left.

Next, we went to our local Stage store because I wanted to get Christopher a new pair of tennis shoes. I had a coupon for 25% off, plus they were having a sale where if you bought one athletic shoe you could get the second for 1/2 off, so I was able to get one pair for 25% off $18.00 and the second pair for 50% off $14.00, meaning I got two pair of tennis shoes for $22.00!  I love Stages sales and the fact that you can use coupons even on sale items. I got one pair of size 6 shoes for now and then I bought a size 7 for him to grow into.

Next was a half-price drink from Cruizzers for me and Stevo, then we headed out to my parents house to take them a few things I had found when I was cleaning.  Christopher was excited to see his grandparents (as always) and didn’t want to leave to come back home with us (as usual.)  Sigh.  While we were there he got his PawPaw to swing him HIIIIIGH in his swing and got his Granny to take him for a ride on the 4-wheeler. I think he probably had more fun at my parents house than he did at the park. :)

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This morning Christopher slept in late (thank you baby! Momma was TIRED after yesterday!) and we skipped church and stayed home and snuggled.  Well, snuggled for as long as it took Christopher to eat his breakfast on the couch, then he took off to play with toys and make a mess of the clean house.  ha!

After the beautiful weather yesterday I’m ready for spring and summer.  One of the gifts Stephen and I got for Christmas is Season Passes to Silver Dollar City.  I am SO excited about them and I’m already planning several trips to Branson this year.  We (meaning Stephen, his mom, and his brother) have a timeshare type thing with a company of Condos where we can stay in the condos for free during the odd years. Since it’s 2011, we have pretty much unlimited use of the condos ALL YEAR LONG and one of the Condos is located in Branson.  For Christmas, Stephen and I also received almost $100 in gift certificates to restaurants in Branson, which basically means Stephen and I can go to Branson and have free lodging, free access to Silver Dollar City, and several free meals!  All it will cost us is gas and whatever we buy while we’re there. I’m so excited about it! I have been thinking about trips to Branson all morning.  I can’t wait for summertime and I’m hoping the whole family can go – my parents also have Season Passes and we can take Deanna, Tyler, and Britney with our “guest passes” a few times!  Again, I’m really excited.  Unfortunately, it’s just the end of January – but I’m hoping time flies and summer is here before we know it!

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