Sunday, January 9, 2011

midnight ramblings

I love the fact that Christmas Break during college is twice as long as public school. Those first two weeks fly by so fast, with Christmas and New Years excitement. It’s be so nice to continue to relax and enjoy my precious time with Christopher.

I’ve pretty much been a bum all week long! Stephen had Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off.  When he got home from work on Wednesday evening, I had a honey-do list waiting for him that had no less than 8 jobs for him to work on over the next 72 hours.

Wanna take a stab at how many of those he completed?  Or started?


Normally, I would be all upset and huffy puffy about it – but I’m in such an “I-don’t-care” kind of attitude, I really don’t mind at all!

I was supposed to paint my laundry room at some point over those three days, and that didn’t happen, either!

Stephen and I watched movies, played Mario Brothers Wii, and spent time with Christopher. And we enjoyed every single second of it!

I do know that at some point over the next week I’m going to have to put down the TV remote, clean my house, put up my Christmas decorations, (they’re packed up, but not put away. They’re just sitting in random boxes in my kitchen.) paint the laundry room, and help Stephen with his honey-do list.

…but first, I must finish Season 6 of Grey’s Anatomy.

I just started watching the show at the beginning of the current season (Season 7) and loved it, so I found Seasons 5 & 6 on instant streaming through Netflix and I want to finish Season 6 before going back to college.

Today, I realized something for the first time in my life.  I could never work in medicine.  It’s something I always wanted to do as a little girl. I wanted to be a doctor, then as I got older I decided I just wanted to do nursing… and long story short, nursing school didn’t work out for me in college then the LPN program I was supposed to participate in didn’t work out because of my L&D with Christopher, and then last summer I decided to teach.

Anyway, I could never work in medicine, because I just get too attached. I don’t think I’m emotionally capable of working with sick people.  And I’m really glad to know that, because I think I would have always wondered if I made the right decision, by not going into nursing/medicine. I know that teaching is what I’m supposed to be doing.


The new puppy, Jasper, is quite the little pooper.  And I mean that literally.

He poops ALL.THE.TIME.  I never knew such a little dog could crap so much.

I’m so sick of cleaning up puppy poop! I remember now why I did not want any more dogs for a LONG LONG time!

He also barks non-stop if he’s left alone. The first night we had him, I was up until 1:15 on the couch, holding him, because he barked for almost an hour straight in a kennel in our bathroom. (We have to put him in our bathroom because anywhere else in the house would wake up Christopher.)

When Stephen woke up and realized I wasn’t in bed, he decided to put Bella, (our female Boxer) in the bathroom with him, so that maybe he wouldn’t bark so much. When I woke up the next morning they were all cuddled up together on Bella’s pillow and I thought, Aw… how sweet!  What a great idea we had!

That worked for about 2 nights.

Then, after me bragging about him being so good, and SO smart he stopped going on the puppy pad, and instead leaves FIVE DIFFERENT POOP PIILES in my bathroom floor.

Stephen cleaned it up the first two mornings it happened (because he was off work those days and is a freaking awesome husband like that) then this morning, when I had to clean it up, I decided I would NOT be doing that again, and that I was SICK of my bathroom smelling like puppy shiz-it, and that he would be sleeping OUTSIDE from now on.

Except it’s freezing (literally) outside and there’s snow on the ground and I can’t do that to a 7-week-old puppy.

So tonight, I decided to put him in the KENNEL in the BATHROOM, but to go ahead and put Bella in the bathroom as well, so that he wouldn’t be alone, but he’d be in a confined area and cleaning up the POO wouldn’t be as hard.

We did that tonight, and Stephen laid down in bed while I came back into the living room to read blogs. Jasper started barking and yelping non-stop, and did it for probably 5 or 6 minutes, until I heard a deep bark come from Bella, and then blissful, wonderful silence.

Even though Jasper was in his kennel and Bella couldn’t actually get to him, she let him know that there was no reason for him to get all separation-anxiety crazy over it and to SHUT UP AND QUIT BARKING. I sat at the computer, thinking about how funny it was that he had actually stopped (he even yelped a bit right afterwards, as if she’d actually hurt him) and what a great dog she is for making him stop. (Does anybody else watch The Dog Whisperer? Bella is a well-balanced dog!) Stephen came out of the bedroom a few minutes later laughing and he couldn’t believe it, either. We’re both glad to know that the bathroom floor won’t be covered with poop every morning when we wake up!

And yes… If you’re a Twilight fan, we did name our dogs after the characters in the book. If/When we ever have more Boxers, we plan on naming them Emmitt and Alice. :)

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  1. I know the feeling about the poo! Ugh. I was thinking for a while that Kami was just retarded, but then someone was all... Ummmm, she's a puppy? Whatev. I still hate it.

    Cracking up that the names are after Twilight. I love the books and never put it together. HA! I have been asked if Kinley's Isabella is after Twilight- but no... hadn't fallen for it yet! ;) Just worked out!

    Enjoy your time off! :)


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