Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Card 2010

I know this is WAAAAAY late. I didn’t do this before Christmas, because I had such a fiasco with my Christmas Cards and I didn’t want to post my card on here until everybody got theirs, then I just never did it. I remembered today and thought I would go ahead and post it anyway, just because it’s too cute, and of course for my own records in case something ever happened to my copies.

This was the front of the cards:scan0001

This was the inside!scan0002 

The colors are a little off here, but I absolutely loved the cards and will definitely be using Shutterfly in the future. :) I got lots of comments on how cute they were and I was super happy with them. In the future, I am also going to try to order my cards early so that people aren’t getting them on Christmas Eve. Ha!

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