Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Project 365: January 10-18

I’ll admit that I’ve ALREADY screwed up this project because I didn’t take a picture on Friday. Actually, I did – but it was of Stephen’s swollen foot/ankle and let’s just say he doesn’t have the prettiest feet, so I’m going to spare y’all and not post it. :)

01 09 11_1003
1.10.2011 – Christopher’s first time to play in the snow

01 10 11_1110 1.11.2011 – Bella and Jasper

1.12.2011 –This one was taken while we were at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Papas. His shirt says, “Have an ICE Day!” which I thought was appropriate because everything was still snowy and icey.

01 12 11_1108
1.13.2011 – Christopher helped Momma make home-made biscuits. (His great-grandmother’s recipe.)

1.14.2011 – the day Stevo sprained his ankle (while taking out the trash for me!)

1.15.2011 – Christopher enjoyed his first taste of Cheetos!

01 16 11_1488
1.16.2011 – My super big boy. My mom bought this outfit for him for his birthday and we thought it was SO big and that it wouldn’t fit until after cold weather season!

1.17.2011 – So sweet. (Sorry this is so similar to the picture I took a few days ago, but it’s the only one I took on the 17th.)

1.18.2011 – love.this.stuff.

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