Saturday, January 29, 2011

a non-update update.

So... no [non-picture] post for a week a half, but there's really not much to say!

The highlights of the last few weeks include starting the Spring semester (my LAST Spring semester of undergraduate work!) and playing Charades with my family.  Aaaand that's about it!  Ha!

So far this morning I've been working on the house.  Not sure why, but I woke up with a burst of energy and I've been working on Christopher's room and laundry.  I put away his 12-month PJs this morning... which made me really sad for some reason.  I remember when I first put those sweet 2-piece PJs on him and thinking that he looked like such a big boy and now they're too small for him.  I know that his normal 12-month pants are too small/short, but I have a few outfits that I'm just not ready to let go of yet... so they're staying put for the next month or so!

Today is a gorgeous day, and later I plan on dragging Stephen out of the house and taking Christopher to the park to play or possibly going up on the mountain and doing something fun up there.  The last few days have been very non-winter like, and it's making me wish for spring and summer, green grass, hummingbirds, flowers, etc etc.  :)  I love winter and snow but I love warm weather more... which, Stephen pointed out earlier this week, means that we probably shouldn't move to Alaska like I've been begging him to.  He looked up the average temps there in order to convince me why I would not like living there permanently, and that pretty much convinced me to stay below the Mason-Dixon line.

And now I'm going to get back to working on the house.  :)  Happy Saturday!

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