Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ankles, classes, and jobs (oh my?)

Friday morning, I woke up to Stephen hollering (in a panicked, I’m-in-alot-of-pain way) “Baby! Baby! Wake up!” When I finally realized what was going on, I looked down at the foot of our bed and saw my husband laying facedown on the carpet, clutching his chest. (Maybe he wasn’t clutching his chest, but that’s what I thought he was doing.) I immediately thought that he’d had a heart attack (not sure why that’s the first thing I thought of) and started asking what was wrong, what had happened.  He told me to check his ankle, so I was relieved to know that he wasn’t possibly dying. Ha!

I checked his ankle, expecting to see bones poking out of bloody skin, but saw nothing like that. We eventually got his shoes and socks off and couldn’t really see anything out of the ordinary, so I helped him get to the couch and then went outside to turn off his car, which he had started to warm up before he left for work.  He had started his car, then was taking some trash from the front porch to the side yard trash can for me, when he slipped on some black ice on our driveway and twisted his ankle pretty badly. I got him some pain medicine and called in to work for him and we decided to wait a few hours to see how it looked/felt before going to the hospital.

We ended up going to the ER to get it checked out and three x-rays later (can’t wait to get that bill) we discovered that he just had a sprain.

SO… we he spent the next several days laying on the couch with me taking care of the kiddo, the puppy, and the house. Fun times.


Yesterday, Stephen and I headed to Arkadelphia to get him registered for classes. Since I’m going on Tuesday/Thursday this semester, with classes starting at 9:30, we were trying to get the same schedule for him – but since it was the day before classes started, we had trouble finding classes that weren’t already full.  We had to get permission from three different teachers so that he could get into classes that were already capped out. Thankfully, we were able to get him into 12 hours – nine on campus and three online. He’ll have to wait on me on Thursday afternoons while I’m in one class, but I think it will be a good time for him to play games on his iPhone work on homework. I’m SO SO excited about Stephen going back to school – in a few years we will both be done with our undergraduate degrees and hopefully have good-paying teaching jobs and possibly working towards our graduate degrees. I don’t want to wish time away (I’m trying to ignore the fact that my baby boy turned 17 months old yesterday and will be a year and a half old next month) but I am so ready for the next “phase” of our life – moving from Mena, buying a newer house, possibly maybe considering thinking about making Christopher a big brother.  :)


Speaking of jobs, I am also SO HAPPY to announce that my husband turned in his two weeks notice at Walmart today. He’s been there for entirely too long seven and a half LONG years and he deserves a better job, which is exactly what he got. He is the new SPORTS EDITOR for the Mena Star, our local newspaper. He and I are both really excited about this opportunity. His hours will be more flexible than at WM and he’ll be able to do it and still go to school, which is perfect. I just know he is going to LOVE the job and everything that it entails. He’s excited about everything that he’s going to be able to do and I don’t think there is a better man out there for the position!


Today is my last day of Christmas Break. I need to be picking up the house, catching up on laundry, and ordering textbooks, but instead I’m enjoying the day at home, covering Christopher with a thousand kisses, laying around in jammies and watching TV. I’ll clean when Christopher naps and get ready for school after he goes to bed tonight. It’s a bittersweet day because I am excited for Stephen and I to start back to school (for the sole purpose of being excited about being one semester closer to graduating) but I am going to miss my lazy days at home with my favorite little boy.


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