Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Bewwa," "Bahbah"

Christopher doesn't really talk much yet.  I have a feeling that when he does start talking, it will be non-stop... but for now he is still just babbling, mainly.  He has said several different things a few times, but then he stops saying them.  For example, he said "bye-bye" before he was 12 months old, but he doesn't really say it anymore.  At one point he would go "woof woof" when I asked him how a puppy dog goes... but he doesn't do it anymore.  Right now, almost everything he says sounds like "bewwa" or "buhbuh."  This works out okay if I'm asking him to say the dogs names... (Bella and Baxter) but then I ask him to say "Granny" and he says "Bewwa."  He can also saw "PawPaw" but it doesn't always come out like that.  Ha!

Anyway, I had Stephen take a video of Christopher the other morning saying a few words.  In this video he does say "Mama" pretty clearly and he does a pretty good job of getting a "J" sound out in "Jasper."  I'm sure in a few more months he will be able to say all these words without a problem, so I wanted to capture this in a video just so that I had something to look back on and laugh at in a few years!

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