Monday, November 1, 2010

Monkey-ing Around

We had a great Halloween! 

Christopher was a monkey for Halloween this year.  He was the cutest little monkey I have ever seen, if I do say so myself!  Haha!

We only visited a few houses this year – but I am looking forward to years in the future.  I think next year will definitely be a fun one.

We started out at Nana’s house.

10 30 10_0117

10 30 10_0122

10 30 10_0135

Next, we made our way over to Gina and Richard’s house.  Christopher got a (belated) birthday present at their house!
10 30 10_0153

Before we left, we took a few (a LOT) of pictures on Gina’s front porch next to her (fake, thankfully) pumpkins and mums.  Christopher loved to take the pumpkin and throw it off the steps into the yard.

 10 30 10_0159 10 30 10_0170 10 30 10_0171
Next, we went to Granny and Papaw’s house.
Here’s a side view of Christopher’s padded monkey tummy.  Love it.
10 30 10_0230
See the cute little tail?
10 30 10_0232 10 30 10_0234 10 30 10_0239

10 30 10_0248

We had a really fun time even though we only hit 3 houses!  Christopher got some fun stuff from his grandparents, and Stephen and I got some yummy chocolates from Richie & Gina. :)  The only bad thing was that it was warm.  Poor Christopher was wearing a long-sleeved onesie underneath his costume, and I’m sure he was burning up between the onesie, the costume, and the 75-degree weather! Who would have thought that it was have been so warm on Halloween!?!

I realized on Saturday that I should have been teaching Christopher how to make a monkey sound for Sunday night.  We started working on it Saturday and he kind of did it on Sunday, but when we got him home from all of his trick-or-treating last night and sat him down for dinner, he was doing it really well!  I yanked out the camera and caught a few seconds of it before my battery died.  Also – notice he does a little arm movement the second time!
Enjoy our little monkey!

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