Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reality TV thoughts. That's all.

I've been slacking on my blog, I know!  Just trust me when I say, I'm BUSY!  However, I have been updating my Couch to 5K blog, Ready to Run, every day that I work on the C25K program!  I have been doing it for almost 3 weeks now and I'm about to graduate from the 3rd week of the program.  I am still loving it and REALLY looking forward to running in my first 5k.  Not sure when that will be, but looking forward to it!  I also plan on moving on to the 10k program when I graduate from the C25K program. :)

Today's blog is just me talking. It's not about my family or about Christopher or anything -- just recent things that I have been thinking about/bothered about.

**The Biggest Loser**
Normally, this is my favorite show.  Stephen and I just started watching it last year (Danny Cahill's season) and we LOVED it.  We both formed very strong emotional ties with the contestants - mainly Danny and Abby.  Then came the Spring season, which we enjoyed but didn't really feel that same emotional factor.  But we still enjoyed it!  This year, the contestants are horrible.  The few nice, real, genuine people who were on the show at the beginning of the season have all been picked off by Brendon, Frado, and Patrick.  The only contestant left who I like and would want to win the $250,000 is Ada.

I can't stand Brendon.  Period.  I want to reach through my TV and smack him.
Frado seems like a nice guy, but he's too into the game. Also, I didn't like the way he argued with Aaron last week. (The week that Aaron & Jesse were eliminated)
At first I liked Patrick, but he's been pulled into the horrible Brendon/Frado gameplay aspect of it and I've lost all respect for him.

And as far as Elizabeth goes... I understand why the 3-man alliance is keeping her there, but it drives me up the wall.  She's been under the yellow line SEVEN TIMES out of EIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!  It's absolutely ridiculous that she's still there.  I wonder if she's even TRYING?  She knows that it doesn't matter how much she loses, because she's a placeholder for the boys and they're not going to send her home!  I don't believe that the boys want her there for any reason other than a placeholder.  She's not part of their alliance, and they're not taking care of her "just because."

And I can't help but wonder -- what happens if one of the boys falls below the yellow line with her?  Will the other 2 turn on him?  Let's say Patrick falls below and is with Elizabeth next week -- will Frado and Brendon vote Patrick off?  I mean, he IS a threat.  Would they do that to their own alliance member?  I'd be willing to bet money they would.  It's all a game to them -- they're all concerned about the money and not about their health or the other contestants health -- they're just trying to make it to the finale.  It seriously drives me crazy.  The contestants during first two seasons that Stephen and I watched were NOT game players, and I much prefer the show that way.

As far as the at-home prize goes, I would love to see either Rick (green) or Aaron (yellow) win. And like I said, I think Ada (or maybe Mark) are the only two people on campus right now who I would be okay with winning the finale.

***Dancing with the Stars***
Brandy went home last night and Bristol stays to go on to the finale.

I told Stephen (and I tweeted it as well) several weeks ago that Brandy got on my nerves.  Just sayin!  She did!  She thought she was gonna win and was so smug about it.  She thought she had that cat in the bag, especially when Jennifer Grey started going through all those aches and pains. (Which, coincidentally, also got on my nerves.  Either do the show, or don't, and quit whining, Jenn.)

After they announced that Brandy would be leaving the show, Tom Bergeron asked the judges what they thought about the elimination.  Bruno Toniolo stands up and basically says "America you need to be voting!"  ....maybe forgetting the fact that they announced at the beginning of the show that they received a record-setting number of votes the night before.  Uhhhm. Okay.  ??????

Anyway, after Stephen and I watched the finale last night (we always watch it in our bedroom right before going to sleep) I got on Twitter and said something about getting out of bed and clapping when I heard that Brandy and Maks were going home.  (It's true -- I did.  And I laughed.  And maybe cheered.)  I put a #DWTS hash tag at the end of my tweet, and a few minutes later some random person tweeted at me and said  "You should have fell off your bed and hit your head. #brandy" 

Hahahahaha!  REALLY?????  REALLY!?!?!?!?!?!  I tweeted her/him (couldn't tell by the profile pic) back and said "Ha ha! You're funny!"  I mean seriously, people.  No need to wish ill things to happen to me just because I was glad to see Brandy go home.

Also - I just want to point out that I didn't really CARE either way.  I was actually a Kurt Warner fan and that's the only person I've voted for all season!  I didn't even vote Monday night and it didn't matter to me who went home.  And it doesn't really matter to me who wins!


I have something else to blog about, but I feel like it deserves its own post so I'm going to save it.  Also, I'm going to get my husband to help me write it.  He helps to censor me and he has great input when it comes to this subject in particular.  I'll forewarn you that it deals with my PERSONAL OPINION AND FEELINGS about a person who lives in our town who is a fairly well-known religious leader.  I'm not going to name any names.  If you think it might offend you, don't read it.  And I'll be changing my comments to where I have to give approval to have them shown.  I won't have an argument going on in my comment section.

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  1. Stephanie ...SO glad I'm not the only one that watches Biggest Loser!! Love it and I to hope that Ada wins, this has been the biggest season of game playing that I have ever seen, DWTS I just want (Baby) to win lol lol I love to watch it, but glad Brandy went home as well...Can't wait to read your next blog...and don't forget C-Man in it :)


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