Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bumps and Bruises

I am DEFINITELY raising a little boy.

Just in the past few weeks, he has really started become quite a little dare-devil, and it’s resulted in several different bumps and bruises.

A week ago yesterday, while I was bridesmaid dress shopping in Little Rock, Christopher had his first big fall.  He and Stephen were home alone for the day, and he had gone down for a nap.  Stephen had laid down on the couch to take a nap as well – and when he woke up, it was to a big racket coming from Christopher’s room, followed by screams and cries.  Christopher had climbed out of his crib and fallen OVER the side of it and landed on top of a humidifier we have on the floor next to his crib.  Poor, poor baby.  I know it must have hurt SO bad.  He had scratches on both sides of his face and about four different bruises on the left side of his chest and tummy.  He looked like he’d gotten in a fight!

It was actually MY fault that he fell out – Stephen noticed that the side of the crib had been lowered, but he knew that it wasn’t that way when he had put Christopher in there for his nap.  There is NO WAY that Christopher lowered the crib railing, so my guess is that I hadn’t locked it into place the night before when I had gone in to check on him.  I had lowered it so that I could lean over the crib and kiss him, and when I pulled it up it must have stayed up but not have locked into place, so when Christopher put all of his weight on it, it probably fell down – and he went right down with it!

Another thing he has ALWAYS done is CLIMB.  He’s gonna be a mountain climber!  He is always standing on stuff and climbing on furniture.  A few weeks ago I had sat him down in a normal dining room chair while he was having a snack, and when I looked over at him he was climbing the back of it like a ladder!

11 08 10_018611 08 10_018711 08 10_0189  
(I had my hand on the chair seat holding it down so that it wouldn’t tip over while I was taking these pictures.)

Yesterday, we all went outside to decorate the yard for Christmas.  C-man and I were putting up a “lawn ornament” while Stephen was putting the lights on the house.  Stephen had pulled the ladder out and walked away for it for just a split second – and before either of us realized it, Christopher had run over to the ladder and was already on the SECOND RUNG heading his way up!  Stephen hollered and ran back across the yard to get him!  Stevo ended up “helping” Christopher to the top of the ladder – and that little boy had SUCH a big smile on his face!  He loved it!

 11 26 10_0193 11 26 10_0197  11 26 10_0203

AND… not long after this, he fell off the bottom (lowest) step on our front porch and face-planted into the concrete.  Thankfully he just had a little scratch on his forehead right at his hairline, and it’s not even noticeable today.

I have a feeling MANY bumps and bruises (and scratches, and blood, and broken bones, etc) are in my future!

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  1. I've often said "there must be mountain goat in my husband's gene pool somewhere!" because all four of my kids were climbing long before they were walking! As soon as they could pull up, they were climbing - on the hearth, on chairs, etc. Our cribs have not had sides that lowered (because they convert to full-size beds) and we've had to convert them to toddler beds shortly after our kids have started walking -- because they were climbing out of the crib by the time they were each 14 months old!!! So uncool!!! :) I'm glad Christopher is okay; it's a scary thing for a momma when they start falling and hurting themselves, especially when they are part mountain goat!


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