Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Please don’t judge me.

I needed to clean the kitchen.  I can’t do that with a little boy under my feet or trying to climb in the dishwasher or getting into the dog’s water bowl or doing who knows what else.

And I knew that this would keep him occupied.

I was able to unload the clean dishes from the dishwasher, then load it back up with dirty dishes.  It also gave me enough time to pick up the living room.

He immediately got a bath, of course.  He needed one anyway, and I figured – why not let him get a little messy beforehand?

And NOW, he is FINALLY taking a nap (his sleeping schedule is a little messed up because of DST) and I have a clean kitchen and living room. :)

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  1. Too cute!. Gina had a good time playing with Christopher yesterday.

    An Arkies Musings

  2. Not judging but I am wondering if he even got to eat any of his "snack." lol

  3. I have four kids. I've done this exact same thing with all of them - and have the same kinds of pictures, too. Sometimes a mom has to do what a mom has to do. And hey, at least it was yogurt!!! Healthy!!! :)


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