Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Morning

totally off-subject, but does the title, Sunday Morning, make anyone else think of the Maroon 5 song?  Love, love, love me some M5 Songs about Jane CD.

Anyway, Sunday mornings are a hectic circus at our house.  Stephen goes to work at 7 every Sunday, so it’s just me and Christopher.  And as I’m sure all moms know, it’s hard to get a one-year-old bathed, fed, dressed, changed, re-dressed, plus get your self bathed, “made-up,” and dressed and out the door on time to Sunday morning church.  I can’t even imagine doing this with more than one child.  I’m not consistent about church – although I really try and want to be.  Some Sundays, I just get Christopher ready and my parents will come by and pick him up on their way to church.  This allows me to do fun stuff, like homework. 

On the mornings when I do manage to get myself and Christopher both ready for church and out the door on time, my house really, really suffers.  I know I will never forget how crazy and hard our Sunday mornings are, but I took a few pictures today, just for documentation.

10 30 10_0071 My toothbrush, pumpkin stencils book, sharpie, and a torn coupon, in the floor.
10 30 10_0072 Random shoes pulled out from their “spot” next to the door and left in the floor.
10 30 10_0073Plastic basket (which I’m not sure where he even found!) and dozens of plastic safety plugs for the electrical outlets, in my kitchen floor.
10 30 10_0074 Another view of the kitchen floor.
10 30 10_0075
Ironing board, left out in the kitchen because I was in too big of a hurry to put it up.
 10 30 10_0076
Iron, left out on the countertop.
10 30 10_0077 
Big bottle of EVOO pulled out from a cabinet.
10 30 10_0078 
More plastic baskets and a bag of dirty diapers from the diaper genie – I had emptied it last night then left it in Christopher’s room, and he was nice and carried it out to the kitchen for me.10 30 10_0079
Washcloths from my bathroom cabinets, strewn across the floor without care!

And now, I’m off to clean up this mess so that I can then concentrate all my energy on a ton of homework!

Happy Halloween, y’all!

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  1. I would LOVE to tell you that it gets better... but... even when they are bigger, they still pull all sorts of crap out into the living room. I am constantly picking up random toys, papers, and junk. :/

    Also- I ALWAYS sing Sunday Morning, after I say something about a Sunday morning. Jeremiah thinks I'm retarded.


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