Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

It’s hard to believe that my Thanksgiving Break is almost over!  HOWEVER, I can see Christmas on the horizon and December 16th can’t get here fast enough! (That’s less than three weeks away!  Whoohoo!)

We had a great Thanksgiving this year!  Christopher spent Thanksgiving Eve with his Nana (it was his first overnighter at Nana’s house!) and Stephen and I got to sleep in.  I slept till 8, which *IS* sleeping in for me.  I had set my alarm for 8 so that I could go for a morning jog to make up for the many many calories I would consume later in the day. ;)  After I got home from my jog, I drove to my mother-in-law’s house, picked up Christopher, and came back home.  It was 9:30 at that point, so C and I woke Daddy up and we all started to get ready for lunch at my parents house.

It was just our little Speer family at my mom’s house – Mom, Dad, Tyler, Stephen, Christopher, and me!  Britney was at her grandmother’s house, so we missed her! Mom made a huge meal for us and it was SO yummy.

Christopher had gone to for a nap shortly after we got to my parents, so he missed eating lunch with all of us – but he got his own plate of goodies after he woke up.  This was his first Thanksgiving lunch, since last year he hadn’t started solids yet.  He loved it (although he loves anything and everything that he can put in his mouth!)

We spent a few hours there and around 2:30 headed to my mother-in-law’s house to have dinner over there and watch the Cowboys play – that’s the Olmstead tradition.  Their family friend Mike ate with us, because his wife was visiting her family in Canada!

We had a great Thanksgiving day with both of our families and came home stuffed and have pretty much stayed that way all weekend!  We put our Christmas lights on the house today (but I’ve had my trees up for weeks now!) and I think it’s all so pretty – I just LOVE this time of year.  (And I will love it even MORE after I take my last final of the semester!)

11 24 10_0245 
This was the table at my mom’s house, minus the rolls.  Turkey, dressing, green bean bundles, corn, deviled eggs, cranberry relish, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, and sweet potato casserole!

11 24 10_0248Mom made three desserts – Coconut Pie for dad, Pumpkin Pie for Tyler, and Chocolate Sheet Cake for herself. 

11 24 10_0252
Christopher’s plate – he ate almost everything!

11 24 10_0263 11 24 10_0284
C-monster at Nana’s house.

11 24 10_0289
With his favorite – and the best – cat ever, Spice!

11 24 10_0296This is Nana’s newest member of the family,Brooke.  She is so sweet and she’s wonderful with Christopher!

11 24 10_0306
Christopher and Nana – LOVE this picture of them!

I also feel like I should mention that his pants look too short in ALL of these pictures of him – but I promise they’re not.  I really don’t dress my son in high-waters.  They’re folded up so that he doesn’t trip on them when he’s not wearing his shoes, and when he’s sitting or when someone is holding him, they get all hiked up and his shins show. 

11 24 10_0309 
Chillin’ out with about a million toys in a playpen at Nana’s!

11 25 10_0229
And this is just a sweet picture of my BIG boy.  I took this on Friday morning before we headed to Walmart to survey the damage from early morning shoppers.  I didn’t even attempt to go shopping on Black Friday – Stephen and I are pretty much broke nowadays since I’m in school and not working, ya know!  We are going very light with Christmas this year. (Again – last Christmas I was still on maternity leave.)  We’re getting small gifts for each other but mainly we’re just getting Christopher a few gifts for Christmas eve and of course I’m sure Santa will bring him a few things.  Hopefully when Christopher is older (read: Momma and Daddy will be done with school and have good paying jobs!) we will be able to afford to have a little bit nicer Christmas.  But I also want Christopher to know the REAL reason for the season – celebrating the birth of Christ.  I also want him to know the joy of GIVING to others in need during Christmas.  I want us to have a family tradition where we shop for other children – maybe doing an Angel Tree child like we did last year, or participating in Operation Christmas Child, or something like that. 

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and are having a great weekend of shopping and decorating for Christmas!  I’m going to try to enjoy my last day of Thanksgiving Break tomorrow and gear up for the last SIX driving days (THREE MONDAYS!) of school that I have left!

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