Saturday, November 13, 2010


I was SO excited when I heard that Shutterfly is giving away 50 holiday cards to bloggers, so I immediately jumped on the bandwagon and signed up to blog about it!

One of my very favorite things about Christmas is, of course, the mail!  I absolutely LOVE getting Christmas cards from all of our friends and family.  I equally love taking our Christmas pictures and picking out our cards to send out to loved ones!  The last 2 years I have had so much fun sending out cards. 

The first year Stephen and I were married, I sent out a picture of our “family” at the time – us and our three dogs, Baxter, Kodi, and Zoe.  You can see the picture that I sent out here.  I know that I have a copy of the card around here somewhere, but I am in no mood to go tearing through the house to look for it.

Last year, we had a 4-month-old little cutie and so we just had a sweet picture of him on it, with my legs and our white tree in the background.  I still have that card on our fridge, so I scanned it in for everybody to see. :)


I have always gotten my picture cards from the same old mega-mart down the road.  When I headed over to Shutterfly’s website, I found a TON more options for the same price OR less!  They have Folded Greeting Cards, Flat Stationary Cards, and Flat Photo Cards. I am so excited about picking out my cards this year.  What will I do?  Fun theme, or serious theme?  One picture, like the last few years, or multiple pictures?  Family pictures, of just pictures of Christopher? Traditional colors, or fun bright colors? Flat picture card, or folding card?  I’m overwhelmed with the possibilities!

I have lots of new blog mom friends this year and I hope that you will all share your addresses with me so that I can send you an Olmstead Family Christmas Card, and so that I can receive a fun card from you!

Here are a few of my favorites (THERE ARE SO MANY! HOW WILL I CHOOSE?!?) from Shutterfly, just from looking through them for a few minutes… I will spend MUCH more time looking through them with the hubby and deciding on the final “perfect” one for our family!

Retro Plaid – Love the colors in this one; love having 3 pictures, love that it has the year on it.

Dazzle and Shine (folded card) – Love the pretty, bright colors. Love the inside of it.

Elegant Cranberry Damask – Love the red and black, but I’m trying to stay away from just the one picture. But I looove the elegant way this one looks.

Peppermint Pink – If I knew Stevo wouldn’t have a cow, I’d order this one right now.  I love it!  But I don’t think he’d approve of the pink.  Maybe if/when we have a little girl?  If you have a little girl – this is perfect!

Season Chic Noir – Love. This. One. Love the monogram, love the 3 pictures, love the traditional colors. This may be The One?!?

Framed With Love – love the wording, love all the pictures for a cute little C-monster!

There are SO MANY cute ones to choose from, I’m not sure how I’ll ever decide!

I want to let everybody (who hasn’t already heard about it) know that Bloggers get 50 FREE holiday cards from Shutterfly!! Sign up here!

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  1. LOVE them!!

    Mine address is PO box 1761... I need yours!


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