Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Utah from our trip to Utah!

hanging out

random, i know - but we NEVER shop at non-walmart stores, and i had to document

hot tub! =) LOVED this.

view from the hot tub

this is the street in front of larry's house - beautiful, huh?

usps in park city, utah

view of some of the houses, with a ski slope in the background
(park city is where the 2002 winter olympics were held)

little man was tuckered out!

of course - we found a walmart!
kicker is - it was about 2 blocks from the "smiths" we had shopped at a few days earlier.
if we'd known the walmart was so close we'd have gone there to save 10 percent!

pretty view of mountains in the background
i was in constant awe of the view. it was gorgeous!

ohmygosh. this stuff is the best.
we had this for the first time in branson last month.
stephen ordered the "apple pie a la cold stone" and i ordered the "all lovin' no oven."
{click here!}
we ordered the same thing again in utah because it's just that freaking good.

snapped this as we were driving down the road. it was this porsche dealership in the middle of the 'hood.  seriously.

i thought tyler would appreciate it!

c-man with his grandpa larry

four generation shot. =)
(i feel the need to explain that this picture was taken at about midnight, hence the tired faces and stephen's 'do.)

too cute.

christopher with his great grandma and great grandpa

i think out of about 28957 shots, we got NONE of everybody looking at the camera at once.
oh, well.

hope you enjoyed!
i realized after looking through ALL the pictures i took while we were there, i didn't get one single one of diane with any of us! this makes me sick! larry - if you read this, and you have some pictures of diane with christopher (or any of diane with us or anything!) will you email them to me? thanks!

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  1. Beautiful pics of both family and views/scenery!


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