Thursday, January 28, 2010

dino on the loose!

Christopher is now in 6-9 month jammies.  I bought him a few new ones the other day & pulled them out of the washer tonight to wear and thought they were just adorable!  I took a few pictures of him in them and thought I’d share.

This is what he does anytime he’s on the floor… prop himself up on his arms.  He has no desire to roll over to his back!


Aren’t the little green dinosaurs cute? I think green may be C’s “color.”

Check out THIS picture! He can sit unassisted for quite awhile.  He eventually starts leeeeaning one way and will fall over, so I have to watch him so he doesn’t bonk his head. Which may have happened tonight. But I would never admit that it happened while I was snapping pictures, cuz that would make me a bad Momma. 

You might also notice that in most of these pictures, he’s sucking in on his bottom lip.   Not quite sure what that’s all about, but it’s cute!
(He’s starting to lean here!)

Did you notice the little toes on his feet?  Here’s a shot of them.  I didn’t notice these till I put this sleeper on him tonight.  I thought it was cute!IMG_1635

Aww… brotherly love. Baxter MIGHT have been giving Christopher *kisses* in this picture, and C-man wasn’t feeling it tonight. I normally don’t let Bax get up in C’s face and lick him - this is RARE. I know some people find it unsanitary to let a dog lick a baby - but Baxter is a good, clean, gentle indoor dog and I always watch to make sure he doesn’t actually - you know - french kiss C-man.  I guess I’m just one of those God-made-dirt-and-dirt-don’t-hurt Momma’s, and I don’t see the harm in letting Bax give him a few licks on the cheek now and then. :) After all, Bax is my baby, too!IMG_1625 
Baxter is seriously such a good dog.  He’s adjusted really well to having a baby in the house.  He doesn’t chew C’s toys, he isn’t *very* jealous, he’s very gentle with him… I love this little dog so much and I know he and Christopher will be big buddies when Christopher is older!

We’re supposed to get a big ice storm tonight and tomorrow, so we have plans to spend the day at my parents house tomorrow! They have a fireplace, so in case we lose electricity at least we can stay warm over there!

We’ve had a L-O-N-G day, and I’m exhausted. Stephen and I are going to watch a movie and go to BED!



  1. He is so cute! Love the footie sleepers, they are just so sweet and cuddly!
    Don't worry about the falling over! Keira's first time roll over was straight off the couch. I had pillows all around her, so she landed on them... but still. Total bad mom guilt! :)

  2. Oh my goodness. What a cutie he is!!! Love the pictures!!!


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