Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a bunch of stuff

I’m writing my first post using Windows Live Writer.
(totally copied from you, Kristy.)

We’ll see how it goes.

I’m basically just keeping myself occupied and as far away from the remote control as possible until Stephen comes home, cuz otherwise I’ll start tonight’s episode of Biggest Loser without him.  And when I watch BL without him, I feel like I’m cheating on him.

We lead such an exciting life.

Let’s see… what to talk about…?

Oh – here’s something.  I snapped these pictures a week or so ago, one morning after Stephen had left for work.

Stephen’s way of loading the dishes…

AAANNND my way of loading the dishes.

WHY?  Seriously.  That’s ridiculous.

I will never understand.  Never.

I guess I should just be glad that he actually put the dishes into the dishwasher.  I seriously cracked up laughing when I opened up the dishwasher and saw those three bowls thrown in there like that.  We’ve lived in this house for over a year now, and I’ve ALWAYS put the bowls in the dishwasher the same way.  Hmm.  Maybe he should unload it  more often, then he might learn the “correct way” of loading a dishwasher.  I am always rearranging things that he’s put in there so that I can get the most space out of it.  Men are so funny.

Ok.  SOO.  Twenty minutes till Stevo can clock out.  That’s plenty of time to talk about this sweet little guy!



Isn’t he adorable?  And WAY too big.  I moved him from his “car seat” position in the stroller to the front-facing position.  =(  We went for a walk one day last week (the weather was spring-like!) and I was constantly stopping to look at him and see what he was doing and if he was enjoying himself. He seemed to like it but Momma was sad not to be talking face-to-face with him. ha!

While on our walk, we saw…

this hound dog…

this deer…

and these chickens

all within about a 50 foot radius from each other.
(Thankfully, the dog was tied up. Otherwise we might not have seen the chickens. or the deer, even though it was in a chain-link pen.  Poor little deer.)
(And also thankfully, I chose to walk BAXTER that day instead of BELLA. Cuz even though she’s a great dog, I’m not positive that she wouldn’t decide she wanted some  chicken for dinner and would have drug C & me around the block to get them.)

Oh and ALSO…  I don’t live in the country.  I live in town. 

Christopher now thinks he’s old enough to feed himself.
(I let him hold the spoon just long enough to capture this photo.  Otherwise he would have cereal up his nose, in his eyes, and slung all.over.the.kitchen.)


These next few pictures are from Sunday.  It was my church’s Baby Dedication day, and Stephen was able to go into work late so that he could come to church with me and dedicate C-man. The pictures of all 3 of us are with my mother, so I'll have to get them later.  Nana also came to church with us that day and we got some cute pics of her with him, too – but again, they’re on my mom’s camera.

IMG_1616Isn’t his outfit adorable? Granny picked it out! (And bought it. Thanks, GRANNY!) IMG_1613 IMG_1614
I big-time love this kid.

So – if you’ve made it this far through this extremely long blog, you can take a big sigh of relief, cuz I just have one last thing.

Jennifer over at MeetTheMcFamily is giving away a blog design for her 2nd Blogiversary, and I would really really really love to win it!

So I’m telling everybody about it but I don’t really want you to go and register for it, too, because that would make my chances for winning it go way down.

(Not that I have that many people {with blogs} who read my blog anyway.)

Just go check out her cutie-pie kiddo, her super-cute blog, and her awesome “blog facelift” portfolio.  She’s really talented and creative!


Oh, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never use blogger OR picasa to write my blogs in EVER.AGAIN.

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  1. Yay for live writer!! I love it too!!!
    And I love that orange stroller! Too cool!


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