Monday, January 18, 2010

five months old!


I can't believe I'm actually typing this - but you are FIVE months old.

You are growing so much - I can barely believe it with my own eyes. My time at home with you is really winding down - unless something major happens (like if we were to win the lottery) I'll be returning to work within the next month and you'll go back to staying with your Granny during the day! I know she will take perfectly good care of you and I think that I will be able to handle being away from you a lot more than I was able to back in October. I just wasn't ready! I know you're going to have a ton of fun with her!

At five months old...

-- you can eat cereal from a spoon like a PRO.  i know you're going to LOVE baby foods.
-- you are back to sleeping through the night again - especially if you have a cereal bottle right before bed.
-- you are starting to "reach" (although it's more like lean) for people.
-- you love to try to take drinks away from us.  you watch us constantly and you like to take sips of our water. (but don't worry, i just let him have a sip or two.  mainly he just gets his lips wet and cold!)
-- you are definitely teething, but nothing has popped through yet!
-- you've outgrown your 3-6 month sleepers and i'm pulling out the 6-9 month ones TONIGHT.  you're in almost all 6-9 month clothing now.
-- you still wear size 3 diapers
-- you've been in arkansas, missouri, texas, oklahoma, utah, and arizona.  plus you've flown over a bunch of states!  you are a PERFECT traveler. you're the best baby!
-- just in the last few days you've started using your bottom lip to make raspberry sounds.  it's too.stinkin.cute.
-- you can roll from your stomach to your back. (although you don't always do it.)
-- you've started "putting yourself to sleep."  for the past few nights either your granny or i have put you to sleep just by laying you down in your crib and singing to you.  you've also been going down for naps this way.  it's so sad for me not to rock you to sleep - but you were getting to where you didn't really want to be rocked anyway, you would just bow up your back and SCREAM.  i know i'll miss rocking you to sleep but this is just another step towards not being such a "baby" anymore.
-- your hair is turning blonde and you've still got those steel blue eyes.  you're going to be a heartbreaker!

i love you more than words can say, C-man. being your momma is the best job in the whole world!

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