Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gamblers Anonymous

Earlier this week, I needed to put gas in my vehicle.  Stephen is pretty good about gassing up the vehicles for me and I don’t really like doing it, especially because I usually have C with me and hate leaving him in the car without it running while I get gas.  So, usually Stevo will take the car to town and put gas in it for me when I start running low, just because he’s a sweetie like that.

Well, Monday night I had Bunco and didn’t have Stephen get gas for me beforehand, so I got it myself after I finished playing. I had a few dollars cash with me (which is rare and never a good thing, because I always spend it) and decided I’d buy myself a scratch-off lottery ticket with it.  I hadn’t bought any scratch-offs since the “Arkansas Scholarship Lottery” started several months ago and I always LOVED picking up scratch-offs in Texas.  SO, anyway, I went into the gas station and bought a $2 scratch-off ticket.  And I won $2 with it.  The next day, Stephen and I went back by the gas station to “cash in” (haha) our winnings and he bought 2 $1 tickets.  We scratched THOSE off, and one of them had a $20 prize on it! I was SO excited! We kept the $20 - even though I was tempted to buy MORE tickets with it!  I could SO become addicted to gambling.  Not good!

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