Thursday, January 7, 2010

live from utah!

So -- we're in Salt Lake City.  Did anybody else know that this is what Salt Lake City looks like?

It's beautiful!

We had a good flight out here.  I was super nervous about flying, plus sick to my stomach about how well C-man was gonna do.  Would he be fussy or bored, etc.  Well - of COURSE, I have the best baby EVER and I shouldn't have even questioned whether or not he woul be a good flier.  He did great - only got fussy twice, both times were right before he fell asleep. We did have a "Number TWO" incident that was quite difficult to handle and resulted in him being carried NAKED back to our seats from the bathroom... but that was the worst thing that happened and looking back at it now - it really wasn't that bad.  It was just stressful at the time.

I haven't really taken many pictures just because we haven't gotten out to do anything yet.  We hung out at the house today.  Stephen's dad (Larry) and stepmom (Diane) have to work during the days we're here so it's been pretty low-key.  Larry does work from home but he's been in his office and on the phone the majority of the day.  Stephen and I enjoyed being able to just hang out and not have to go do anything or be anywhere.  Christopher took about a 4 hour nap this morning.  Jet lag?  Can babies get jet lag?  I figure it was such a long day for him yesterday - his naps were just 20 or 30 minutes long compared to 2 or 2.5 hours.  Plus I was holding him while he slept, instead of him being all comfy and sprawled out.  My arms are sore today from having to hold him so long yesterday.

Hopefully we can get out and about tomorrow or this weekend and I'll post some pictures.  I'm battling a cold and I think C is, too. I'm not sure if I want to get him out in the cold for very long.

Stephen and I are sleeping on a double when we're used to a king so it's gonna be a looong couple of nights...



  1. Have fun! We've been there too- and it is GORGEOUS! :)

  2. We've been there...well more like drove through there. But I remember it being SO beautiful!!! You guys have lots of fun and I can't wait to see pictures!!


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