Thursday, January 7, 2010

house self divided

This post is totally dedicated to my brother!!!

Ok - what's wrong with the two pictures below?

Ok -- obviously from these two really old, skinny pictures of me, I have a problem.

If I were at home right now and could take a picture of my closet, you would be able to see that I have just as many Arkansas shirts as I do Texas ones.

I've dated guys who liked Arkansas. (So, of course, I had to like Arkansas, too.)  And I'm from Arkansas.  And most of my friends are pro-Arkansas.  I know the fight song.  I like calling the hogs.  I adore the Razorback mascot. I feel obligated to root for the Razorbacks.

Buuut. My whole family is from Texas.  My brother, father, and mother are Texas fans. {Althought that is pretty much it - the rest of my family are A&M fans.}  My dad's parents were Texas fans. (See picture below.)  When I "didn't care" anything in the world about college football - I bought {and borrowed from my brother} Longhorns shirts.  I like UT's colors.  I love the state of Texas.  So... I feel obligated to root for the Longhorns.

Tonight - I'm definitely rooting for Texas.  I hate it that McCoy's been out since the 1st quarter, but hoping that this Longhorn rookie can perform some kind of come-from-behind {and while I'm typing this - TOUCHDOWN LONGHORNS!!!!} MIRACLE and pull a WIN for the TEXAS LONGHORNS!!!!

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