Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just Sayin'

An early, cool, foggy morning drive followed by an extremely boring Management and Organizational Behavior class = a very sleepy, unable-to-concentrate Stephanie. 

While trying to keep myself awake during class (I feel I should point out here that my teacher is from India and is very hard to understand!) I got caught up on all my blog reading, facebook, and twitter updates.  I also updated three apps on my iPhone.  I made myself a to-do list for the next several days.  I made myself a WalMart list for this afternoon.  (I've been out of deoderant for 3 days and I've been wearing Stevo's.  I love the smell on him - but on me?  Notsomuch.)  When I was finished with ALL that... I still had fifteen minutes of class yet.  Hellooooo App Store!

And I found... this.

Cut the Rope.  It's surpassed Angry Birds (which I was shamelessly addicted to for weeks.) in the Games section of the iPhone App Store.  I downloaded the Lite version free and played it the last few minutes of class.  I'll be downloading the $0.99 full version when I get home.  If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, I'd highly recommend it!

I also feel like I should mention that I DO have an A in this class.  I'm not a complete slacker.

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