Sunday, October 3, 2010


This is just a post to document a few things that Christopher is doing right now that I don’t want to forget.

Christopher LOVES to be outside.  He would eat, sleep, and play outside 24/7 if he could.

He will take our fingers to lead us around or show us what he wants.  If he wants to go outside, he’ll come grab my finger and PULL it until I move, then he will “walk” me over to the door.  If I don’t open it, he will take my hand and PUT IT ON THE DOORKNOB.  It is hilarious!  If he wants something inside, he will take my finger and point at it.  The other day we were walking around the yard and he was holding a rock. (Something else he loves – rocks.)  He dropped it, then grabbed my hand and tried to get me to pick it up!  Hahaha!  I said, “Boy, you pick that rock up yourself!” and he did.  :)

He has been signing “more” for about a month now.  We are working on “all done” but pretty much he always wants MORE.  More food, more drink, more snack.

He’s had a sip or two of diet pepsi from my Cruizzers (it’s like a Sonic) styrofoam cup, so he KNOWS now what is in there, and anytime he sees a Cruizzers cup – whether it is on the table, in the car, or in the trash, he points at it, says, “UH!” and signs more.  Oh, boy.

I haven’t seen this, but my mom told me that when they go to visit my dad at his office, Christopher knows where dad keeps the peanut butter crackers, and Christopher will go grab Paw-Paw’s finger and lead him to the kitchen so that they can have a snack together.  Spoiled ROTTEN.

He dances.  It is ADORABLE. He likes to put his arms up and wave them and it cracks me up ever single time!

When we go outside, he likes to look for Bella.  He’ll walk to the fence and say, “Bewwa?”  She likes to give him kisses through the fence.

He knows where his belly button is and when you ask him, he’ll lift up his shirt and point at it.  You can also ask him where his nose is but he usually points to his cheek, so we have to work on that.  However, he CAN point to everybody else’s nose!

He loves to ride the 4-wheeler at my parents house.

One of our favorite things to do inside is play “Gonna Getcha.”  Stephen and I crawl around at his level going after him.  He SQUEEEALS and runs and laughs and it’s so much fun.  Plus it wears him out before bedtime. haha!

He’s not a huge fan of his carseat.  I hope that changes soon. :(

And this isn’t really about Christopher… but I just want to document it so that I can remember it.  Since I am in school right now, I am not working.  We are able to budget my student loans so that I can take a little of it out of savings each month as a “paycheck” to help pay for bills.  I know this is not the ideal way of getting a college degree, but it’s the only way.  I am doing what a lot of people don’t do after they get married and have kids – finishing my college education.  And hopefully VERY soon, Stephen will be able to do the same.
We live paycheck to paycheck.  I would never be able to do this long-term the way so many people around here do, and I’m looking forward to the day when we are no longer living this way.  I look forward to having a nicer house in a MUCH nicer neighborhood and getting Stephen and better vehicle and being able to take funn family vacations with Christopher every year.  I can’t wait until money isn’t such an issue. 
BUT, I would not do one thing differently if I had the choice.  Even though we have it rough right now, I wouldn’t trade any of it.  I actually get to spend alot of time with Christopher and I wouldn’t trade that time with him for ANYTHING!  I’m in school all day Monday and most of the day Wednesday, and I have my mom watch him a few hours one or two other days of the week, but I am able to get alot of my homework done after he goes to bed, so I get to spend lots of time with him during the day.  I treasure this time SO much.  I look forward  to easier times and nicer things.  But I do not want to rush through these years and wish them away.  I know that I will just blink my eyes and Christopher will be starting kindergarten, or graduating high school, or getting married and starting a family of his own.  I have to tell myself this every now and then.
It’s tough – financially, mentally, emotionally.  But Stephen and I are learning and growing together and even though it’s so hard, we ARE truly happy.  We know that we have been blessed with amazing families who are standing behind us while we finish our degrees.  We have an adorable child who has brought us closer together, who we couldn’t love more. We are unbelievably blessed.

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