Friday, October 29, 2010

Bumbo Boy

Last night, I was organizing some of Christopher’s baby things – bouncer, swinging seat, infant car seat, etc, and putting them into boxes to put into long-term storage for when we have another little bambino.  I was pulling things out of his shower (which is basically like a storage closet for us.  And no, I don’t like using our spare shower as a storage area, but I really have no choice.  This house has NO storage space.) and throwing them into his bedroom to pack away.  One of the things I pulled out was his Bumbo.


Christopher found it and carried it into the living room, and sat down in it! 

10 27 10_0069     10 27 10_0068

He has been SUCH a joy to be around recently.  I mean, of course he always has been – but he’s SO funny now.  He’s always doing funny stuff and cracking me up!  He’ll do something, look at me to see if I’m laughing, then start laughing himself.  And then he’ll do it over and over!  I’m loving this age!

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  1. so fun! I really, really loved that age, too. I never had a bumbo chair for Annaleigh, but I got one for Emilyn to use sometime soon, and Annaleigh has been sitting in it. =) How old was he when he started sitting in his?


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