Saturday, October 30, 2010

the great baby wipes mess of 2010

I was looking through my October pictures, and ran across these that I forgot to post. 

Stephen and I were playing Wii, and Christopher was in the living room with us, playing with his toys.  I had just finished changing his diaper, so the wipes, which are normally out of sight/reach from Christopher, were in the living room floor.  After a few minutes of playing the Wii, Stephen looked over at Christopher and hollered, “CHRIStopher!”  Not really in a mean voice, but more of an oh-my-goodness-what-have-you-done kind of voice.  I looked over and immediately busted out laughing. 

10 08 10_0007

He had taken his wipes, set them in the back of his dump truck, and pulled out almost of them.  He was just pulling them out left and right handed! 


And, poor baby – he was so startled when his daddy just yelled at him out of nowhere, he got his feelings hurt and started BAWLING.
10 08 10_0005

Don’t worry – they hugged it out, and all crying subsided.  :)


  1. I can not count how many times we have went through boxes of wipes because of this! We still have this problem but not on quite a big of a scale as before!!

  2. I think he was probably just planning to clean with them. Goodness Mom!


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