Tuesday, September 21, 2010

this will do for now.

Today didn’t go as I had originally planned… My mother-on-law threw out her back last weekend, so she wasn’t able to keep Christopher today. :(  That’s okay though – C-monster and I had a great day together.  I got my rear in gear this morning while Stephen was still here and cleaned up Christopher’s room,which was a disaster area!  I laugh at myself while I am cleaning up a room, because Christopher is right behind me pulling out everything I’ve just put away.  :) 

I also went through his closet and got rid of all of his summer sleeveless clothes and clothes that are getting too small.  I did okay with that – but then I moved on to his sock drawer, and that is where I lost it!  I haven’t cleaned out his sock drawer since he was born, mainly because I am the only person who dressed him for the past year and I know what fits and what is too small.  But, since Stephen is having to get him ready on the days that i have school, I needed to sort through everything and put away the newborn socks.  And that is where I lost it.  Just seeing all those sweet teeny tiny newborn socks made me cry!  I remember looking at all of them while I was pregnant, thinking they were so cute and would keep my little boy’s feet all cozy warm during fall and winter.  :)  And they did!  I always had socks on him when he was a newborn.  I’m sure everybody knows by now that I am just an emotional person – but still.  Socks? 

Christopher was really cranky after he woke up from his nap, but we had to go to WalMart to get some basics.  It was not the best store experience ever, but we made it out alive.  :)  He seemed to be in a better mood after he had dinner and we spent the evening playing in the living room.  Christopher has discovered belly buttons, so we spent lots of time looking at his and tickling it, then he realized MOMMY has a belly button too… so he thought it was fun to tickle mine as well.  He’s at this adorable stage right now and I am just loving every minute of it.  (Even the fits. They’re too cute to really get upset with him.  He actually stomps his feet when he isn’t getting his way. Oh my. Ha!)

I had planned on writing about Christopher's first haircut today, but that’s going to have to wait.  I don’t even know where my camera is (I’m thinking the back seat of my car?) and since Deanna didn’t keep Christopher today, I still need to do some homework tonight AND of course, I have to watch the Biggest Loser season premiere. :) Priorities!  Haha!

OH!  And today is mine and Stephen’s 2-year Anniversary – but that will have to wait for another post, as well.


  1. GIRL!!! Way to go on the running!!! I am impressed! You can totally do the half marathon!!! I have had to "start over" with running so many times because of having babies, etc. but each time I just get addicted because it feels SOOOOO good when you finish...especially in a race. Just wait til that 5K!!!! PLEASE keep me posted!!! I am so humbled that I would inspire you....believe me...I am way way not perfect but so thankful that I could provide some encouragement for you. Your little man is SOOOOO cute, by the way!!! Looking forward to follwing your blog and your life more!! :)


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