Sunday, September 26, 2010

Catch Up!

My house is a mess.  I’m not completely caught up on laundry.  The dog needs a bath.  I need to be watching my Accounting homework video.  I need to unload the clean dishes from the dishwasher, then reload it with the dirty ones.

But instead I am just going to sit my hiney at the desk and catch up on some blogging.  :)  We’ve had a lot happen here in the Olmstead household over the last week, and I want to make sure and document it all so that I don’t forget anything!

First things first…
Christopher’s First Haircut! 
Christopher got his first haircut last Friday.  I had been putting it off for a long time because I loved his sweet, long, curly baby hair.  I didn’t think I would be emotional about it, but you never know with me!  I took several pictures of his sweet long hair the day before we cut it and the morning that we got him up before we left for the hair dresser!

09 16 10_0509 09 16 10_0502 09 16 10_0507 09 15 10_052309 15 10_0515 09 15 10_0516 09 15 10_0518 09 15 10_0522

He did SO good in the chair!  He acted like such a BIG boy and looked like it too.  I was super proud of him.

09 16 10_0336

I had already decided I wanted to be able to do his hair in a faux-hawk.  I told the hairdresser how I wanted it done and showed her a picture of how I wanted it to look.  She did a great job, but I didn’t even think about the fact that we would be cutting off SO MUCH for his first haircut.  It has turned out super cute, and I like it both spiked and brushed straight. 

09 16 10_0341 09 16 10_0346 09 16 10_0351 09 16 10_0353 09 16 10_0357 09 16 10_0360 
09 16 10_0369  

He did SUCH a good job and was SO good right up until the very end.  He was getting antsy from sitting there for so long and was moving around a lot, and she cut his ear with the trimmers while she was evening everything out.  And then he’d had it!  He started crying and reaching for me and screaming when she tried to finish up around the back of his neck, so we just decided it was fine and not to worry about it.  I don’t blame the hairdresser at all because he was really squirming around a lot.

I should also mention that I did really good while he was getting his hair cut and I didn’t cry one little bit.  :)  That is, until we were driving down the road on the way home afterwards and I looked up in the mirror and saw him sitting in his carseat like such a BIG BOY. And I remembered looking back there so many times before with his long sweet curly hair and how he’d just looked like my LITTLE boy and then I started crying!  Haha!  Stephen asked me if I needed to pull over and let him drive but I pulled it together.  :)  Silly emotional momma.

Playing in yogurt

One day last week I was doing something, (getting dinner ready, I think) and Christopher was being cranky and wanting me to hold him.  Since I couldn’t right at that minute, I decided to put him in his highchair with a snack.  He can feed himself with a spoon, although it can get rather messy because he doesn’t always make it to his mouth.  I decided that I didn’t mind a little mess and went ahead and gave him a spoon and some yogurt.  I went to work with dinner or whatever it was I was doing, and the next time I looked up, this is what I saw…

09 20 10_0446

Yes, because obviously it is more fun to paint with yogurt than to actually eat it.

No, wait… here he’s eating it.  I think.

09 20 10_0455

I took a few more pics then went back to work.

By the time I finished in the kitchen, yogurt was everywhere.

09 20 10_0469      09 20 10_0475 09 20 10_047609 20 10_047709 20 10_047809 20 10_046809 20 10_0480

It did make for some really cute pictures, though.  :)

09 20 10_045809 20 10_046309 20 10_0465  

Diapers and Wine

I know most of you who know me won’t believe your eyes when you see the next few photos!

I don’t remember why, for but for some reason I left Christopher in just his diaper the other day.  I didn’t put any clothes on him after I changed him.  I think we were getting close to bathtime, and I didn’t feel like putting clothes on him just to take them off a few minutes later.

Christopher likes the refrigerator.  If he’s in the kitchen and we open the fridge, he wants to get to the open door and play.  My MOTHER started this bad habit!  She lets him play with the stuff in the bottom row of her fridge door, so he wants to do the same at our house.

I hated to take a picture of him in just his diaper (especially standing in front of a chilly fridge door!) but it was too funny to resist.  Obviously, Stephen and I need to keep something different in the bottom row of our fridge door.  Oh, and P.S. – my fridge totally does not show all those fingerprints and marks in normal light.  I almost didn’t post the pics on here because it’s embarrassing, but oh well!

09 20 10_0487  09 20 10_0490 09 20 10_0492

I still have quite a bit more to update on, but I think that’s it for tonight!  I’ve spent quite a bit of time picking out photos and cropping them and writing and I do need to focus on my house for a few minutes, load up my car for school tomorrow and relax with my hubby before we go to bed.  Tomorrow is my only day of school this week so HOPEFULLY I should have plenty of time to finish updating this week.  :) 


  1. The yogurt pics cracked me up. I almost feel on the floor laughing. Miss the little man. Love yall.

  2. Awww..he looks like a big boy with his cute little hair cut!! Such a big man!

    I love the yogurt pics! Too cute!

    As for the diaper only pics, I love them! We have tons of pics of both Sissy and Bubba in nothing but a diaper. Of course, when they were smaller, and even Bubba still, they wore alot of nothing but a diaper!

  3. He is the happiest little boy I know. Although, he's looking pretty serious with the wine bottle!



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