Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have baby fever!

Ha!  I really do have baby fever, but want I really want is for one of my friends to have a baby, so that I can just get my fix by holding a sweet newborn for a few minutes and smell that new-baby smell.  (I say that like it’s a car or something.  Haha!)

As I am typing this, Christopher just went and shut himself in his bedroom.  I figured he would be a little older before he started shutting me out of his room! 

It just seems like a LOT of ladies I know are pregnant!  I get a little extremely nostalgic thinking about sweet baby Christopher and I do want another baby, but I know that now is NOT THE TIME for Stephen and me.  We absolutely love Christopher and wouldn’t do a thing differently, but we want to be able to afford the next kiddo.  ;)  Ideally, we both need to be finished with school, (or at least me finished and him almost finished) he needs to have a more reliable vehicle, and we need to have a bigger house. (Right now we live in a 1400 square foot 2-bedroom.  It was perfect for us when we married, but we have QUICKLY outgrown it!)

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