Friday, September 24, 2010

the results.

Last week I wrote about how I was super ridiculously stressed over my first Accounting test.  I’m not sure why I was having such anxiety issues over it, but I was, and it didn’t help any when a girl I know told me that she was an Accounting major until she took this class with this teacher and then changed her major.  She also told me she made a C in the class and that it was really hard!  She told me that on Wednesday, and it was the following Friday and Saturday that I had the dreams about the test. Ack!  I felt like everything was just starting to click when suddenly I had a big test over it all, and I didn’t feel prepared or ready for it.  I went over all 3 chapters again and I watched/listened to lectures from class.  I was actually so nervous at the beginning of the test, I could barely write my name on it.  I just kept praying for calmness and a clear head and to remember everything I had studied.  I think if I hadn’t been sitting on the front row with 20-something students behind me, I would have cried.  Seriously.

Anyway, our teacher finally posted the grades yesterday, and this is what I made!


THAT IS A 92% PEOPLE!!! And the average was 72%!!!!!!!!  AND I AM NOT AN ACCOUNTING MAJOR!!!! AUUGHH!!!

Stephen and I left for Branson yesterday morning and I couldn’t check the grades from my phone, so I had my SIL Britney checking them for me from her computer, and when she told me what I had made I was standing in the middle of an aisle at a kitchen store in an outlet mall and I was SO happy I just couldn’t keep quiet!  People were looking at me and smiling and probably thinking, Crazy!  :)  Every time I started thinking about it yesterday I would say, “Stephen!  I made a NINETY-TWO on my accounting test!  A NINETY-TWO!”  I was so stressed out about it and I studied so hard, and after I took it I really felt like I had made a solid B-minus.  I didn’t have high hopes for an A of any kind, so I am really, really excited about it. (Just in case I hadn’t made that clear already.  Haha!)

More to come tomorrow.  :)


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