Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A "great-great" day!

Today we had a really neat experience -- Christopher got to meet his great-great-grandmother.
I have no living grandparents; my grandfathers passed away when I was just a little girl, and my grandmothers died when I was 12 & 16. My great-grandparents were not living when I was born... so I think it is really neat that my son was able to have pictures made with a GREAT-GREAT-grandparent, even if it wasn't on my side of the family. He is such a blessed little baby to have so many different kinds of grandparents here to spoil him. (My parents and Stephen's mom are here in Mena with him; Stephen's biological father and his wife are in Utah, [who Christopher can't wait to meet!] Stephen's maternal grandfather and his wife are in Tulsa; Stephen's paternal grandparents are in Oregon; and Stephen's great-grandmother, of course, is here in Mena.)

Here is Christopher, Stephen, Stephen's mom, (Deanna) and her grandmother, Virginia.
Deanna's mom passed away several years ago, so unfortunately all 5 generations are not in this picture, but there is still a 5 generation gap here.

All of us...

She was so excited to meet her great-great-grandson!

I forgot to mention -- Christopher took his first nap in his crib yesterday!
(He has been sleeping in a bassinet right outside our bedroom. He is still sleeping there at night, but I think I am going to transition him to his crib before I go back to work. In two weeks... *sigh.*)

Ok... did anybody else watch The Biggest Loser tonight? I won't say too much, in case you've DVR'd it and haven't watched it yet -- but OH MY GOODNESS!
(1) Tracy is crazy, crazy, crazy.
(3) Of course, I cry every time I watch this show...

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  1. Christopher is SO SO SO cute! I just want to squeeze him! I bet he is such a cuddler!

    And btw, Bunco is not a board game! You can play it that way, but I wouldn't think it would be fun either. Playing with a bunch of women competing and screaming is the only way to go! ha ha! I'll call ya if we have an opening!


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