Tuesday, September 22, 2009

quick post and pics!

I can hear my little man starting to wake up as I start this post, so it's going to be quick!

Stephen and I had a good anniversary yesterday. Stephen's mom (Nana) gladly accepted the task of watching Christopher for us while we went to dinner together. I was a completel WRECK before we left, but I managed to make it through dinner just fine. Go me!
We shared a piece of wedding cake when we got home -- and it was still good! I totally expected it to be freezer burned and gross. (It was a spice cake with Bavarian creme filling and buttercreme icing. Yum!) I have been munching on it today, too. (Because cake and icing is good for nursing mothers, right?)

I have been off work for nine weeks, and go back in THREE weeks now. I am SO glad that I am only going to be working part time, beause I am going to miss this little guy SO SO SO much. Here are some pics from a few nights ago when we made a pallet in the floor. He's such a sweetie!

And lastly -- this thing is my new best friend. I LOVE holding my son and would cuddle with him all day, but there are times when I need to put him down and get stuff done around the house. (Or take a potty break! Ha!) Plus, I really don't want him to be completely spoiled and want to be held nonstop. We just got it this week -- it's a Boppy Bouncer, and C loves it, especially when he's getting sleepy. He will usually take a short nap in it.

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