Thursday, October 8, 2009

why I've been MIA...

So -- for the last week I've been...

painting my kitchen...
(or at least, supervising while my mom painted the kitchen)

from nasty flat light brown (it was SO hard to keep clean!) this beautiful glossy RED!

celebrating my 24th birthday...
(new pictures from my parents -
I picked these out at Kirkland's!
Love that store! ♥)

magnolia plate from my brother & britney

plaque from A to Z -
$4.00 - yeah!
(my momma bought it for me!)

organizing my laundry room...
(it was SUCH a mess before -
i didn't even take pictures of it!)

getting ready to re-decorate the kitchen...
i bought this adorable picture frame from bed, bath, and beyond
when i was pregnant.
love it!

and hanging out with this precious little man.
we have been having lots of Momma/Christopher bonding time...
because I go back to work on Monday.

Funny story  about my gift from Stephen & his mom...
He wouldn't let me open my gift early (sad face) or even before he went to work on Sunday.  SO, I waited all day long staring at this shoebox-sized gift sitting on our dining room table.  I shook it and something rolled around inside it - it wasn't perfectly round, I could tell by the way it rolled.  I had NO IDEA what it could possibly be!

SO, after everybody came over that evening and ate hot dogs and hamburgers, I FINALLY got to open my gifts.  They saved Stevo's gift for last.  I opened the gift and found this...

a rubber band wrapped around a rock.
And this...

A ladybug on a leaf?
No... a beetle.


It took me a few minutes to get it -- I think I said something like,
"Did you get me Beatles Rock Band?!?"

I was so excited!

SO -- pretty much the only time I can play is at night after C falls asleep.
Which is when I normally write blogs.

Oh, well.

It was a nice little bloggy break, but I'm back now!

One last thing.
I remembered one day last week that we had some video footage of Christopher being introduced to our family for the first time.  (I had an "emergency" C-section, so nobody - not even Stephen - was allowed in the surgery room, but they all got to wait together for the nurse to bring Christopher out.)  I had watched it the night that he was born -- but I was so drugged and out of it that I had completely forgotten.  I loved seeing everybody's reaction so I'd thought I'd share it.

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  1. Love the red in the kitchen! That's what my kitchen is too! Very cheerful!

    And I can't say this enough--Christopher is one cutey patootie!


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