Monday, September 28, 2009

I need help!

So... question.

Can anybody tell me how to upload more than FOUR pictures to a blogger post via Picasa? I have so many cute pictures of our afternoon (we went out on the front porch - it was a gorgeous fall day- and played fetch with Baxter) but I can only upload four pictures through Picasa. I could upload them through blogger -- but it's so much easier through Picasa because I can put the pictures in the order I want them to be in... etc etc etc. Help, please?

(But just so you know how cute my boys are - here's what I could upload...)

(Christopher decided he was tired of playing ball at this point. Ha! Needless to say, Christopher won, and we came inside.)

AND.... last but not least, a video.

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  1. I just keep loading them on blogger... it's easy to move them once they're on the page, just click and drag. But I do wish it was like FB and you could load a lot at a time.


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