Wednesday, September 9, 2009

things that make me sad

**I put Christopher in this cute sleeper outfit today and realized it was too small. It's a size Newborn, and he is too long and his feet are too big for it. (The picture below was taken one of his first days home.) Most of his NB onsies are getting too small, but he has officially outgrown the NB sleepers.

**I also noticed that his pacifier looked like it was getting too small for his mouth. (It was a size 0+) So, I broke out the 2months+ size paci, and it looks a lot better. HE JUST TURNED 3 WEEKS YESTERDAY!

**He is wearing size 1 diapers now (and has been for about a week.) No more newborns. (However, it does make me happy that I have about 5 packages of NB diapers that I get to take back to Walmart!)

**I have 5 weeks of maternity left. =( It's over halfway finished.


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