Thursday, December 15, 2011

kissy-kissy smoochie-smoochie!

Earlier in the semester I took a 6-week course over Adobe Photoshop. I had tried to teach it to myself but there are just so many different tools that I felt overwhelmed.  I knew that with some basic foundation and instruction I would be able to use it and teach myself more and more through online tutorials or trial-and-error. 

So after I finished this class this, I wanted to design my own cards this year.  After last year’s disaster with my Christmas cards, I was determined to be on the ball this year and have our pictures taken and cards designed/ordered/printed during the week of or week after Thanksgiving.  My sister-on-law Britney took our pictures in early/mid November but I just never got around to getting them printed.  I considered not sending cards out at all this year but I knew that I would be SO disappointed with myself if I didn’t.  I did design my own (although I WILL say that I got the idea for it from another photo/card website and added some stuff to it.)  I got them addressed and will mail them tomorrow and will post them on here next week sometime.  I made some rookie mistakes that I’ll be sure to correct in the future, but over all I’m pretty happy with them!

This picture is one that I almost used on our card, but I wasn’t sure how people would feel about kissy-kissy on a card…? I know that this is a popular pose right now and I LOVE the way it turned out for us, but would our aunts and uncles or co-workers like getting a Christmas card with Stephen and me kissing on it? I ended up not using it but thought I’d share it here.  I think I’m going to have it blown up to an 8x10!

11 19 11_0055 Seventiescopy

It’s 12:50am and I still haven’t packed for our trip to Branson this weekend. I guess I should go do that now. :)  Be back Sunday!


  1. I love that picture! So cute! We took one in a similar post - I think I'm going to hang it in our house, ha!


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