Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christopher’s got mail! and Christmas break

Christopher got his first *real* piece of mail last week! My parents got him the Highlights “High Five” magazine for toddlers. He was so excited to have his own mail!

photo 3 (1)

Have I mentioned recently how much I LOVE this kid? He is so much fun right now. Challenging, but FUN.

In other news, my Christmas break is HERE! My last final is OVER! All I have left is student internship this spring and I will graduate this coming May 15 (at 3pm, in case you wanted to mark your calendars) with a Bachelor of Science in Education! I will also have a minor in Business Administration and will be licensed to teach Business and Technology classes to grades 7-12!  SO EXCITING!

I can’t believe the semester is over! This semester seriously FLEW by. I think the longest/hardest part was up to our fall break in mid-October. I’m SO ready to start my Christmas break with my little family. I have SO much I am wanting to do and I have no idea where to start.  No, wait – I DO know where I’m starting. SLEEP!  ha!

This last weekend has been crammed with homework and projects and presentations and last night I slept for about 3 hours on our COUCH (Stephen’s been sick for the last week and has been snoring SO SO BAD! I can’t sleep through it!  He’s been sleeping on the couch but I thought since I was already up late {3:30am!!} I would try sleeping on the couch.)  Anyway, I slept a few hours on the couch last night and woke up early to go to school and had a LONG day there. After I got Christopher home from my moms house and tucked into bed, I started a load in the dishwasher, fed the dogs, and parked my happy butt on the chaise lounge to watch The Biggest Loser finale. (And I haven’t moved since.)  Tomorrow I have to do laundry and pack for a trip to Branson this weekend to celebrate Christmas with Stephen’s mom and step-dad!  As for tonight -- I’m exhausted and my bed is definitely calling my name.


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