Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Train 2011

Every year there is a Christmas train that comes through our hometown. Last year, we went to it with my parents and my mother-in-law. This year it was just Stephen, Christopher and I that went to it. We went on Wednesday, December 7th. Last year, Christopher was not a fan of Santa Claus.


I have been pumping him up for Santa Claus since November… every time we would go to Walmart, we would go back to the Lawn&Garden Center and look at the Santa lawn ornaments. We would look at pictures of Santa, talk about him, etc.  We told him before the train that we were going to see Santa and that Christopher was going to sit on his lap while we took his picture! He seemed okay with that at first, but after a few minutes decided no, he really didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap.

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When we got into the train where we could see Santa, Christopher was shaking his head NO and saying he did NOT want to see Santa. Yeah… well. Too bad, buddy!

Christopher and Santa, 2011:

Christopher and Santa 2011

Still not so much a fan. I had to sit with him, and he was so upset and scared, I just sat down and let Stephen take the picture, then hopped up. Well, Stephen isn’t used to my camera and his thumb was in front of the flash, which is why the bottom right side of this picture is dark. I ran it through autocorrect in Photoshop and it looks ten times better than it did.

Poor Christopher. He was so upset by Santa that he didn’t enjoy the rest of the train. He was shaking the entire time. Hopefully next year will be a better experience!

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