Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Decorations, 2011

I love Christmas! I am always wanting to put up my Christmas decorations in October, and I think every year since Stephen and I have been married, I have had our trees up in November before Thanksgiving.

This year I was just so busy with school and sickness and life in general, I was slow getting up Christmas decorations. I put up my green tree the day after Thanksgiving, but it was that afternoon that I got so sick with a fever and spent the rest of Thanksgiving break curled in my bed.

I don’t remember when I finally put up my white tree, but it was probably mid-December. I love my white tree! Christopher helped with it. :)

Christopher had a blue tree in his room this year. I never took a picture of it while it was decorated, but here is a picture of it when we first put it together and plugged it in in the living room. I think this might be a repeat picture. He loved it!11 20 11_0235

I think this is the only picture of my green tree I got. I have no idea why I cut the top of the tree off.
12 07 11_1548

12 07 11_0148

12 07 11_0149

White tree!
12 07 11_1525

12 07 11_1546

12 07 11_1541

12 07 11_1533

12 05 11_0164

12 05 11_0165

12 13 11_0137

Stephen seemed to be sick the whole month of December. Between working, school, and sleeping off sickness, he never had time to put up our outside lights. So, the TUESDAY before Christmas, while Stevo was at work, I took it upon myself to put up lights. I put up our inflatable snowman, candy canes that we bought on clearance last year, and attempted to put up the lights on our house. Right after I started doing that, my dad called and said he was on the way to help me. My dad didn’t even put lights up on his own house (my brother did it for him) so it was very sweet of him to come over to my house and put up mine for me!

sweet helper.

12 20 11_0024

12 20 11_0026

12 20 11_0027

Normally I wait until after the new year to take down all my Christmas deco, but this year I had it all down, including the exterior decorations, a few days after Christmas.  My house was crowded with three extra trees and 10 extra Boxer pups.

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